More snow in the forecast.  Snow coming Saturday, and Sunday, and Monday.  I actually kicked around the idea of going to our place in Florida this weekend.  It’s only a ten hour drive and we have Monday off.  Then I looked up the weather in Madison, Florida and found that it’s in the 50s and rainy.  That’s a lot better than the 20s and snowing but still not worth the trip.

Checked in on Brandie’s blog this morning and found that Tiffany offered a beautiful place for a retreat.  Four days drive time but something I’ve never seen…California.  It truly made me sad that we were so close a couple of years ago but had to call it quits at Las Vegas for our ramblings.  I really wanted to see the Redwoods.  Wondering what it would be like to take DH and the boys out that way, have them drop me off for a few days while they wander around the area and then pick me up and continue on our way.  We might get to explore a new area of the country.

Worth thinking about this morning because it helps me to know that there will be an end to this ##%$## snow and ice one of these days.


Joy says 13th February @ 7:24

Oh I hear you! The snow is up to our courting porch level!!!! That is almost 3 feet!!! I am sooooooo SICK SICK sick of the snow!!!!!
I have always wanted to see California.
Have a nice weekend. Maybe a movie weekend??? “Book of Eli” is really good!
Have a nice weekend.

brseay says 13th February @ 8:35

It still blows my mind that you have to report when there are delays. The roads are just as dangerous for you as the busses. Oh well, hope you made it safely and enjoy the nice long weekend.

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