Hit the road, Teacher!

School is operating on a one-hour delay today.  Don’t know what’s up with that.  Usually, if we have a delay, it’s two hours and I don’t know what we’re supposed to accomplish by starting school an hour later.  They’ve had two days to clear the snow, what difference is another hour going to make?  Anyway, delayed openings don’t mean anything around here.  Teachers still have to go in at the regular time.  Still, I don’t care if I’m late.  I’m just going to take my time, leave a couple minutes early and slide on in.  I work in a bedroom community called Highview.  It’s called Highview because it looks down on the city.  Beautiful views but you’ve got to climb a couple of hills to get there.  I’m always questioning my decision about which way to go in.  Through the back road which is narrow and hilly but is used by all the school buses or from the front which is even more hilly but is more of a main road even though it’s still two lanes.  The school buses tend to plow a path through the back road but there are a few areas that are rather steep and narrow.

At least, if I get stranded, I’ll look good doing it.  Wearing new clothes today!

Anyone really interested in a retreat, Brandi is trying to figure out a budget and locale.  Let me know where you live and how much you can spend or give her the info at http://www.3fatchicks.com/diet-blogs/brseay/

hmmm….sure do wish I’d bought some boots yesterday…..


susan says 11th February @ 8:43

We are on our second snow day here in southeast PA. I’m betting on a two hour delay for tomorrow. The kids have off Monday for Pres. Day. I’m watching my son turn dumb before my very eyes.

Nothing like a new outfit to make you feel good ~ WORK it girl!

I’m interested in a 3FC retreat, but worry who will give Devil Cat her twice daily meds, see that the dog always has water, do a hairball/puke patrol daily in the living room. Maybe I can put all the critters in suspended animation for a week…

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