That’s all I need is just one pair of black pants.  They need to fit me in the waist and not come halfway up my chest (short-waisted), they need to give me room in the waist without hanging off my butt.  They need to be the right length and not require cutting 8 inches off the bottom and completely re-hemming them.

That’s what I need.  And I’m dreading it.  I (Yes, me, Sista Pat) do not want to go shopping at this time.  But I have to.  I feel like a slob.  None of my good pants fit me so I have two choices.  Wear jeans or stretchy leggings or wear pants that are waaaay uncomfortable.  I’m not like that.  I like wearing nice clothes.  But I threw out all my fat pants and now my other pants don’t fit so I just keep dressing like a slob.  And that makes me feel bad.  I’ve been wearing a lot of jeans this winter and I think I need to pick up a few nice items to make me feel better.  Dress for success and all that.

I’m afraid of how it’s going to make me feel when I go looking for pants and try on one pair after another that look like crap.  True, I’m watching what I eat again and I’m hitting the treadmill but I know what a downer it’s going to be to try to find those damn pants and I don’t want to get discouraged. 

I’m sitting here this morning in a pair of jeans.  About the only thing that fits and feels comfortable and I’m feeling totally slobby.  I don’t have anything going on after school today and I’ve made up my mind that I’m going to bite the bullet and buy a pair of fat pants.  I’ve really struggled with all the “dress up” occasions that I’ve had to deal with lately.  I just don’t have the pants to go with dressy tops and jackets.  Seems like I’ve worn the same “good”outfit about a half dozen times this winter and I’ve been miserable and raced home to get out of those pants!

Wish me luck.  It may be a long afternoon/evening and I’ll probably leave a lot of dressing rooms feeling teary-eyed.


susan says 4th February @ 7:49

Ya know what? Just look at this as a tiny blib on your diet radar. Now you will have a pair of pants to get loose on you, and ain’t that a grand feeling!

Also, I bet you will find some really good sales out there. 🙂

brseay says 4th February @ 19:31

OK, so you need a new pair of pants. Consider them a temporary solution and then keep going on the treadmill. As long as you don’t let this 1 pair of pants turn into 3 or 5 you’ll be out of them quickly.

Joy says 5th February @ 6:59

Both BRSEAY and SUSAN are right Patty. It is one pair not a whole wardrobe. It will be a good feeling when they get loose. You can do this Patty. Have a good day and maybe get a pretty blouse with the pants to make up for it?? Maybe a manicure as well??? Pamper yourself you deserve it.

Lady says 5th February @ 9:30

Good morning Pat!
You can do it! You WILL find a pair or 2 that you absolutely adore! Set your mind to it now…Do not let a few mis-made pants get you down! If you find a pair you love love love, buy another of that in a different shade or even colour! Even if you were smaller, you may hate the way those make you feel as well. I hate shopping for clothes, but know how good it feels to find the right thing!
Count the blessings you can do that, you have the right to shop and chose as well ok hun?

canadianchunky says 5th February @ 21:25

I hear you. I never like to spend money on dress pants because I always think I will lose the weight again. My solution is to go to Goodwill. Now my local Goodwill gets donations from some of the wealthiest women in Toronto so it is not a grungy Goodwill. I picked up Liz Claiborne black dress pants for $7 and they were practically new.

Maybe you should try your local thrift shops for these emergencies?

Good luck

beerab says 6th February @ 22:10

I was also going to suggest a local thrift store 🙂

round says 8th February @ 13:53

I hope you found GREAT pants easily.

One thing that helps is starting with a brand thats expensive but you know usually fits you – then you can look around for cheaper ones, but knowing SOMETHING will work is a big help.

I’ve given up searching for the ones I don’t have to alter — I know I have to have them hemmed – I always look for them not sagging in the butt…

Joy says 9th February @ 8:44

Hey you okay chickie?
I have not seen you on in a while. Did you get a ton of snow? We did and are getting more right now. I hope that your okay.
I am here if you need to talk/write okay??

brseay says 9th February @ 13:49

Patty, are you still shopping??? Hope everything is ok.

susan says 9th February @ 17:55

Patty! Are you all panted up?

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