Weird morning.  Is there anybody out there?  No comments on my blog, no emails on aol, no new messages on facebook, nothing on my school email account since last night.  Weird….Maybe I’m just noticing it because everything is quiet and eerie around here.  I’m giving the boys a mercy day.  I know they could easily go back to school but they were so excited to get a full week off for having their wisdom teeth removed and looked like little puppy dogs when I told them I thought they were ready to go back to school after just one day.  They didn’t lie to me and say it really hurt but they did their best with “It’s still kind of sore….” so I’m giving them one more day.

ROTC meeting went pretty well last night.  We didn’t have 14 new parents show up like they said they would if we moved the meeting to 6:00 but we did have six new ones and that means a lot.

DS’s job interview was changed to today.  They called him an hour before he was due and said they had a delivery van broken down and had to leave to get some catered event delivered.  I’m still hoping he gets this job.

Nothing exciting going on here.  Just a lot of quiet.  Weird…….


Joy says 3rd February @ 9:47

good morning! 🙂
It must be one of those days because my mail/comments were a LOT lower than usual today. I hope that the boys enjoy their day off and that you have a very nice day.

Susan says 3rd February @ 13:07


DS gave me his cooties – I’m lyin’ low, surrounded by wet hankies.

sunnydaze says 3rd February @ 14:54

Kinda’ weird and quiet here, too. I wonder whats brewing?

delitaagain says 3rd February @ 17:09

hmmmm… maybe the entire world is taking a snow day…

beerab says 4th February @ 2:04

It does hurt that bad to get those teeth removed! I had all 4 removed at once and I was miserable for DAYS! I had mine done like on a Thursday morning and didn’t return to school till the Monday after. Basically four days off.

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