Hot Diggety Dog!

Sold all the hot dogs yesterday.  96 of them!  Actually, we didn’t sell all of them, the Honor Society Kids had them for our lunch meeting.  That took care of twelve.  Then we gave one to each of the Assistant Principals who have to watch the kids while they wait for their buses.  That was another four.  The rest, we sold at $1.00 each.  We have an Honor Society meeting before school this morning and the kids probably won’t understand the economics of the situation.  Even though all the hot dogs were gone, we actually only made $80.00.  The first $35.00 went to me for fronting the cash for napkins, ketchup, buns, mustard, etc.  That leaves $45.00.  Then I had to go by the store after I left work yesterday and get more hot dogs and more buns.  That was another $25.00.  They probably won’t be real happy when they see that we only have $20.00.  The good news is that everything we make today and tomorrow will be actual profit.  We have plenty of hot dogs, buns, mustard, ketchup, paper hot dog boats and napkins.  If we can sell all of them in the next two days, we’ll bring in $200.00 more.

Almost forgot I have to be at work 30 minutes early today for the meeting.  Gotta run.  Weight is at 192 and eating is good.

5:45 a.m. – I’m ready for work and waiting on the boys so I can post a little bit more.  I’m happy with the weight loss.  1 1/2 pounds since Monday.  I didn’t exercise yesterday.  It wasn’t just a matter of avoiding the issue or not wanting to.  It was an “I can’t do this today” thing.  I had a rough day at work yesterday and did a lot of standing and running around the building.  I got home in one of those totally exhausted modes with my ankle absolutely killing me.  I limped in and DH said, “You are NOT exercising today.  Prop yourself up on the couch and get some ice on your ankle.”  It really was hurting and I knew I wouldn’t be able to walk on the treadmill but, the thing is, I was aggravated that I couldn’t.  I was in the thought mode and wanted to exercise.  Logic told me I had to take the evening off. 

Today, I’m thinking ahead.  I’m going to baby my ankle today.  Try to sit as much as I can so I can walk on the treadmill when I get home.  I have to teach ESS today so that’s an extra hour of work but I should be able to get home by 4:00.

My ankle is one of the reasons I’m feeling motivated to lose weight and get back in shape.  With all this extra weight, it’s starting to really bother me again.  I know it’s going to be better when I drop a bunch of weight.  I felt so much better a year ago when I weighed 165.  I’m really feeling this extra 30 pounds.  At least two or three days a week, I finish work and I’m in pain with every step.  Did I actually hike the Lower Calf Creek Falls Trail just a year and a half ago?  I want to feel like that again.  Not that I’m ever going to make that hike but there are still trails out there waiting to be explored.


Lady says 27th January @ 20:14

Patty girl,
It is important to make sure you are 100% ready with the ankle BEFORE pushing it or you will just make it worse…but then , you know that.. Friday is coming!

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