Bitter Dregs

My daily treat for today was going to be to enjoy a cup of Douwe Egbert coffee in the spa this morning.  On two different occasions, I’ve been loving a cup of coffee in a restaurant and asked the waitress what brand they served.  Both times it turned out to be Douwe Egbert.  Last week, when we drove to Cincinnati and shopped at Jungle Jim’s, I found it.  A little bit pricey but not exorbitant.  I set up the coffee pot last night and woke up with plans to brew a delicious cup and take it out to the spa.

Unfortunately, DH woke up before me and, as I was pouring my cup of coffee, the coffeemaker clicked off.  Indicating it had been on for the past two hours.  Bitter stuff.  Of course, DH had gotten up, turned the coffeemaker on, relaxed with my Douwe Egbert, read the Sunday paper and gone back to bed.  The spa was nice.  The coffee was not.

Enough about that.  I worked yesterday until a little after noon, went by the produce market and picked up a whopping big bag of Satsuma mandarin oranges (probably the last of the season), came home and cleaned out my workout room and was too tired to work out.  This morning, however, I’m wired up on bitter coffee and ready to hit the treadmill.  I think my treat for today will be to download a bunch of new workout music.

Later, girls…

10:30 update–Why does everything have to be so difficult?  It’s taking forever to pull my act together.  I’m ready to hit the treadmill.  My room is ready, I’m ready, let’s just DO IT.  So far, I’ve spent almost 30 minutes looking for a damn sportsbra.  I have three of them.  Where are they????  They’re not in any of my drawers, not with the summer undies packed in a plastic tub under the bed, where the Hell are they?  Oh, wait…maybe they’re in the RV.

10:35 – Yep!  They were in the RV.  Evidently, the last time I did anything even remotely considered to be a workout was when we were in Florida over Thanksgiving.  Actually, I probably just took them with me in case I decided to workout.  I don’t remember actually doing it.  Good thing I went out there, my workout shoes were there, too.  Sitting in the closet, waiting for me to actually do something physical.  Now, where’s my MP3?  Wanna bet the batteries are dead?

11:00 – Okay, it wasn’t too difficult to locate my MP3 and headphones.  Of course the batteries are dead.  I expected that.  I didn’t expect to spend ten minutes looking for the battery recharger unit.  It wasn’t in the kitchen cabinet where it belongs.  Wasn’t in any of the kitchen drawers.  Had to wake up DH (which didn’t make me feel bad at all, it’s 11:00, for Christ’s sake!)  He told me the battery recharger was in his shed so I went outside and found it.  Now it’s humming away on the kitchen counter.  Fifteen minutes and the batteries should be charged.  Me?  I’m starting to run down.

11:50 – Whoo Hooo!  I did it.  Nothing spectacular but I did it.  3.0 mph at a zero incline for thirty minutes.  Even at that sedate pace, it was a bit of a workout.  Got the heart rate up to 125 for a few minutes.  It felt a bit like coming home.  The music was familiar, the room was familiar although it still has some junk up there.  Stacks of books, computer parts, suitcases, stuff that needs to go to Florida.  I have to do some more cleaning and sorting before I have room to get my step out and do some aerobics but I’m not ready for that anyway. 

Not yet….


canadianchunky says 24th January @ 13:09

Sorry about the coffee. Congrats on the 3mph!


susan says 24th January @ 13:37

You must feel mighty righteous, woman!

brseay says 24th January @ 14:19

So glad you got the room somewhat cleared out and hit the treadmill. You’re on your way.

purple4mee says 24th January @ 21:35

Good for you!


paperskin says 24th January @ 23:51

You are a star! That effort you went through this morning will feel so good tomorrow! Day 1 is ALWAYS the hardest. If I could remember that I wouldn’t let it become Day 1 so often.

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