Even though we were off Monday, it seemed like a very long week.  I’m more than ready for the weekend.   I have to work tomorrow from 8:00 to 12:00.  Can’t complain.  I asked for it and it’s extra money.  Found out my Saturday school is held every other weekend so the six weeks is going to drag out for twelve.  Not sure if that’s a good thing or not.  I guess it’s good.  I’ll have every other Saturday off.

Potluck went well.  Everyone liked the soup.  Angela, the recipe is in my “Favorite Recipes” category.  Didn’t see many contributions that fell into the “Fit and Healthy” category but there were enough to help avoid the really gooey stuff.  I ate my soup, some fresh fruit and a little bitty brownie that was covered with rich chocolate icing.  Probably enough calories in that tricky little treat to account for a day’s worth.

We have a pep rally today.  Ugghhh…I’m not looking forward to taking my students down to the gym and enduring an hour of screaming and cheering.

I don’t feel good.  I hurt all over.  My back, my ankles, my neck and shoulders.  I’ve decided that I’m reclaiming my workout room this weekend.  Gonna make everyone go up there and haul off all the boxes and junk so I can hit the treadmill again.  If I don’t use the room, everyone starts storing stuff up there.  “Here, take this box of books up to your mom’s workout room.”  “Take this box of summer clothes up to your nana’s workout room.”  “Take all this stuff up to the workout room until we can take it to Florida” It’s all piled up again.  I thought about walking on the treadmill last week.  Trudged up the stairs and opened the door and the piles of boxes barely left a path.  I just closed the door and came back downstairs.  Now, I want it ready.  It’s a lot easier to exercise if I know I can just walk upstairs, throw on my MP3 player and some headphones and get to it.

We’re getting prepped for a blowup with DIL.  David asked me to call her and see what she wanted to do about taxes.  He wanted to claim one of the boys and let her have the other.  I called her and she said she was claiming both of them since she has temporary custody.  I told her DS had custody until August and she said she didn’t care.  She was claiming both of them.  I didn’t want to get into it with her so I said I’d tell David and let it go at that.  She didn’t tell me but DS found out from a friend that she’s getting a breast enhancement from the refund she plans on getting.  DS said “Fine”.  He’ll just go ahead and claim both of them and give her a third of the refund.  He got to thinking about her taking the car, scamming all the money for months before she left and emptying the bank account before she left and decided a third is more than fair.  I don’t know.  It seems like everytime he thinks he’s right, it just all comes back at him.  Originally, he’d been thinking that they both worked and lived together up until the end of May and they’d split it.  Now, he’s angry and says a third is more than generous after the way she scammed him.  All I know is that his tax rep said he’s entitled to claim them and she isn’t.  The tax lady said even though he’s entitled to claim them because he had custody for more than seven months, he needs to do it quickly because if she claims them first, he’ll have to sue to get the money from her and that could take ages.  So…that’s on the agenda today.  He’s going to file and hope she hasn’t already claimed them.

It’s that time already.  Gotta get a move on.


Joy says 22nd January @ 6:57

wow! Your DIL sure is a peice of work! I hope he gets it in sooner than her. FIY we do TURBO tax via computer (very easy) and it is instant. As soon as you file online it is official. He might want to do that?

Patty I am so glad to hear you are taking your room back to start your workouts. Good for you! 🙂 I am proud of you!
Have a wonderful weekend!

brseay says 22nd January @ 7:09

Pat, get that room cleared out ASAP! I’m guessing the drama w/DIL is going to leave you needing to blow off some steam.

I have a friend who has an ex-wife who got a boob job w/his child support money. It’s a visible reminder to him of her selfishness every time he sees her.

Once you get that room cleared out you will feel better, I promise. I spent part of our days off school this week reorganizing mine and it’s amazing how much more relaxing it was to workout when there’ s no clutter. It’s like free therapy 🙂

canadianchunky says 22nd January @ 20:55

What a mess. Can’t he report her scamming?? Surely someone somewhere cares.


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