Home Again

DH and I went out of town for the weekend.  Drove up to Cincinnati and got a hotel room.  We visitied Jungle Jims and the Hollywood Casino up there.  I won, I lost, I won, I lost and came out losing overall.  We did some shopping.  I read a book.  We went out to eat a couple of times.  I’ll be glad when winter is over.  Seems like all we do is soak up the free hotel rooms and visit casinos.  Really…I’ve got to find a new hobby.

I’ve also got to stay in touch more with my chicklets.  I log on most mornings, do a quick post and then hit the door running.  Today, I have a lunch meeting with the National Honor Society kids, followed by a staff meeting after school and then a meeting with the Junior National Honor Society selection committee after that.  I should be getting in around 5:00. 

I’m still trying to do something good for myself everyday.  Even though some of those good things may seem a little strange.  Yesterday, for instance, I cleaned up a ton of DH clutter.  Cleaned out a box he put in the closet, got his tools out of my kitchen drawers, and cleaned out a box of clutter he’d stashed in a corner of the bedroom.  Spools of thread, loose change, bandaids, pens and pencils, old ads, socks, etc.  He just scoops it all up, puts it in a box or drawer and considers everything cleaned up.  I got a great deal of satisfaction from sorting everything and putting it where it goes.  Even found some “man thing” a gizmo for checking some connection on the car that he meant to return with the receipt in the bag.  Stashed under the bed.  $39.99 that could be in our pockets instead of under the bed.  I started a “stash” of loose change in a decorative box on my nightstand.  Came up with $11.43 in the bottom of the boxes, in the drawers and in my old purses.  I’m going to return the car thing and add the $39.99 to my stash, too.  It may have been DH’s when he bought it but I’m collecting a “finder’s fee”.

It’s that time already…gotta get this day moving.


Joy says 19th January @ 7:07

I am glad that you got away and had a good time. 🙂
Good for you keeping the finders fee! 😉
Have a great day Patty.

beerab says 19th January @ 12:33

lol I’ve done the SAME thing to my husband 😉

feathers says 19th January @ 20:14

Finder’s fee. Yeah! Go with the decluttering. I’m hoping to keep that on my mind and do some decluttering of my own. Don’t think I’ll find more than a couple of 5¢ coins, but maybe i’ll uncover something worth putting on eBay for a few $

canadianchunky says 19th January @ 21:28

Hey there! I started a new blog for this year – 52 pounds in 52 weeks. We’ll see how that goes. So far so good!
Congrats on the change and the cleaning. Always good to purge someone else’s stuff!!

I also like the idea of something good for you every day. We all deserve something good so it is a nice mantra.

How is the crazy DIL? I hope no more car issues.


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