I do not want to get up.  Yesterday turned into a grueling 14 hours of work.  Remember my vow to stop by the store and get a new blowdryer?  Didn’t happen.  I was so exhausted, I just drove home, ate dinner, completed some paperwork for Steven, watched TV for an hour and hit the bed at midnight.  Then I was too tired to sleep.  Not a good night to be sleepless since I have to be at work 45 minutes early for the National Honor Society meeting for Andrew this morning.

I had to stay after for a faculty meeting, race home to drop off Andrew, change into a dressy outfit, run by Walmart and pick up the cake and stuff for punch.  Run back to school to set up for the awards ceremony, have the awards ceremony and clean up afterward.  I didn’t get home until 9:45.  That’s about two hours later than I thought it would be.  It might be worth it, however.  We had a huge crowd of parents, almost a hundred, and I was practically on my knees, begging them to volunteer and help out with ROTC.  I hope it worked.  There were around 20 parents who signed up to help out and the reason I was so late getting out was because several of them hung around after the ceremony and refreshments to talk to me about what they could do to help out.  I felt like saying, “For starters, you could help me wash this punchbowl and clean up while we talk.”

Today should be a lot easier.  I have to go in early but I’m hitting the door and heading home at 2:30.

I did pretty good yesterday.  Ate healthy but didn’t bring in enough calories.  Dinner was leftovers and I have no idea how many calories but it was fairly low.  Some soup and a turkey sandwich.  Mr. Scale, who doesn’t like me very much since I’ve ignored him for so long, is saying I’m at 192.5.  Down .5 from yesterday.  I haven’t done very much for myself for a long time and I’m going to make it a point to “treat” myself everyday.  I’m trying to figure out what my “treat” will be for today.  A manicure and pedicure?  I could get a “Walmart Special” when I pick up a new alarm and hair dryer…..

Gotta hit that shower and then hit the road.  It’s finally supposed to be above freezing today.


Joy says 13th January @ 7:03

wow ! I do not know how you do it Patty. You are so busy . I worry that you really do not have one second of time for you. 🙁 I hope that changes soon.
How is Kim?

patty says 13th January @ 7:10

Good Morning, Joy! Kim is doing much better. Here’s today’s facebook entry for her (written by my sister):
Kim woke up in a super mood today. She was smiling and participated in her morning therapy. She brushes her teeth and was able to wash up some. She sat up in the wheelchair for 2 1/2 hours. I took her out of her room and we went around the building. She got to look outside better and see the snow.

beerab says 13th January @ 22:58

I’m so glad for Kim!

Girl I would have said “hey well you mind helping me clean up?” That would have gotten you some help or they would have left you alone. Sheesh how rude- I would have been helping if I were talking to you- some people have no common sense.

round says 14th January @ 14:02

14 hour days? Right now I’m thinking of 14 hour sleeps…. oh, that would be so nice….

I vote for the manicure & pedicure — and I love the idea of daily treats!

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