How can it be winter?  I keep being surprised at what’s outside.  Temps going down to the 20s this week?  We had a dusting of snow on Monday and that surprised the Hell out of me.  Went out to the car to go to work wearing a light jacket and the windows were all white.  My mind just won’t wrap around the idea that it’s the dead of winter out there.

I pulled up the weather forecast for our place in Florida and they’re getting up to 72 today.

I feel much better this morning.  Yesterday was terrible.  I was coughing and sneezing and went through a box of kleenex.  My students were wonderful.  I croaked out, “I don’t feel good.  You all have work to do on your projects.  Get to it.”  They all got their laptops, sat down and worked quietly.  Ya gotta love em.  Stayed for the faculty meeting, brought Andrew home, went back to school for the ROTC meeting, got home at 7:00 and took a long hot soak.  I slept pretty good and my nose isn’t running this morning but I’m still coughing.  Other than the cough, I think I’m pretty much over it.

Gonna hit the day running.


susan says 9th December @ 8:27

Hee-hee! YOUR colds know they aren’t allowed to stick around for more than a day.

Cold Cootie #1 “Okay gang, let’s get crack-a-lackin’: we only gots 24 hours to make Patty miserable then we’s outta here.”

Joy says 9th December @ 10:15

feel better soon!

beerab says 9th December @ 11:34

Glad you are feeling better!

brseay says 9th December @ 13:53

Sounds like you have a good bunch of kids this trimester. Glad you made it through the day and that you’re feeling better today.

And for the record, we’re home on a snow day today 🙁 Our winter wonderland has definitely arrived. At this point we have received 10 inches of snow w/more on the way and 50 mph winds are coming this afternoon. I’m guessing we’ll be home tomorrow, too.

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