THIS is more like it!

Woke up five minutes before the alarm and felt good.  Decided to get up and I reached over to turn off the alarm only to discover I hadn’t set it.  Good thing the internal alarm was working this morning.  I came in the kitchen to find my coffee just finishing up and my laptop already up and running.  This morning is starting out MUCH better than yesterday.  And, to add a cherry on top…it’s Friday!

Yesterday was okay.  I ate good.  Finally fixed the Thai Beef with string beans, sliced tomatoes and “fried” rice for dinner.  The only problem is still exercise.  I had to do a session with a homebound student yesterday after work.  I had her scheduled for 2:40 but she called and said she would have to change it to 3:30.  I didn’t like having to kill an hour after work before I could even see her and I wasn’t about to drive home and drop off the boys because it’s in the opposite direction.  When I arrived, she still wasn’t home and I had to chat with her mother for fifteen minutes before she arrived.  Mom was watching the baby and my student finally arrived with a coke and bag from McDonalds in her hand.  Had to get pretty firm with her because she’s a good kid but I didn’t want to set a precedent by having her call me at the last minute and change the appointment.  This kiddo had a baby.  She had a difficult pregnancy and was confined to bed the last six weeks before delivery.  Then she had a C-section and missed a total of two months of school before I was assigned to her.  I’m supposed to home school her for a month and then she’ll be returning to school.

Yesterday, she came in with her boyfriend at 3:45 and we’d been originally scheduled for 2:40.  I couldn’t very well grill her about where she’d been with Mom sitting there but I let her know that our sessions are not flexible and I don’t have time to be rescheduling them.  I feel for the kid.  I know she’s been staring at the walls for two months and is probably itching to get out and about but I don’t want her doing it while I’m cooling my heels and my grandkids are sitting in the school library waiting for me to pick them up and take them home.  If you’re not able to attend school because of a C-section, you’re not able to run around with the boyfriend.  Not on my time.

I didn’t get home until almost 5:30 and I got to work on dinner.  A lot of prepping with ten thousand string beans waiting for me to snap the ends and parboil them, grilling the beef and fixing brown rice.  Dinner was over around 7:00 and, by the time I got the kitchen back in order, it was almost 8:00.  No, I didn’t workout.

Still, I DID walk the halls at lunch yesterday.  Not much but something.  My plan for this weekend is to download some new music to my MP3, get my workout room in order and get back into a workout routine.  I just haven’t had the energy during the work week but I’m hoping the weekend will give me time to get things going.


Joy says 4th December @ 7:40

I hope that you have a good day today Patty with less stress and more time to yourself. 🙂
Have a wonderful weekend.

sunnydaze says 4th December @ 11:56

Every little bit of exercise helps. I find the more I do the more energy I have. Hopefully over the weekend you’ll have a little more time.

beerab says 4th December @ 12:46

Yeah really- I would have been annoyed… Hanging out with your bf isn’t an excuse…

I saw your post on brseay’s thread- sorry to hear about your mom- maybe you could steer the conversation towards happier things? I worry my mom’s going to do the same- she’s in her 50s and already such a negative person- no one can be around her too long without her making them miserable! I always say I’ll be shocked if she lives past 55 cuz of how much stress she puts on herself.

brseay says 7th December @ 21:39

Walking at lunch is a great idea. I remember how successful you were when you wore your heart rate monitor and did little bouts of exercise throughout the day. Maybe you should try that again?????

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