Whimpering Warrior

I managed to get through the day yesterday.  I ate well.  I walked around the block a couple of times but I wouldn’t really call my efforts warrior-like.  I got home, went for a walk, fixed dinner and collapsed in front of the TV where I remained from around 8:00 to 11:00 and then I limped off to bed.  Still, although it wasn’t what I would call a perfect day, it was a good day.  I’ll try to do the same today.  A couple of things to celebrate:  I took more than half of a huge carrot cake to work yesterday and foisted it off on anyone who would take the bait.  I knew I’d eat some if I left it here.  Also passed on the macaroni and cheese and garlic bread that DH added to my nice healthy dinner menu.

Taking to heart some of the comments left yesterday (Thank you, Chicklets!), I’m going to start tackling some of these problems.  I’m taking on two of them today.  One: get a jump on dinner so I’m not left to the mercy of the men.  Two: plan something/anything that will keep me from being hypnotized by the TV this evening.

I have to be at work almost an hour early this morning because Andrew has a National Honor Society meeting.  Their advisor can only meet before school and I agreed to be a sponsor so I have to be there as well.   I figured I might as well since I do so much for Steven with ROTC and I have to go in early anyway to take Andrew.  So…I have to hit the shower running this morning.

8:00 – Quick update — I laid out some sirloin beef before I left for work so we can have Thai Grilled Beef with string beans for dinner.  I dug around in the freezer and found a Lean Cuisine for lunch and then ran out the door and left it sitting on the table.  Just finished digging around in my closet and found an old box of instant oatmeal.  Not what I planned for lunch but, at least, I have a plan now and won’t be tempted to eat something I shouldn’t.  I’m thinking of things to keep me busy this afternoon and I’ve decided to run by Sistah Pam’s for a few minutes and go to the fabric shop that’s down the road from her.  I keep trying to find an inexpensive piece of fabric that’s black with a small gold accent so I can make the comforter for the cabin.  Hey!  It beats sitting around the house watching TV.


Joy says 2nd December @ 8:09

I am so proud of you Patty! No one says that you have to jump back in running. Take it slow walks are great for you and a wonderful stress reducer. I am so glad that you had a good day yesterday. You can do this again today! HUGS for strength!! 🙂

firefly says 2nd December @ 9:42

You’re doing great Patty. Just wanting to do better is half the battle. It’s when we stop caring at all, that’s when its over!

Have you thought of putting a tv up in front of your treadmill? I swear, that is the ONLY way I do my elliptical. I’ve been watching my way through the Charmed series on DVD (we have Netflix, I highly recommend!!) Once episode is 42 minutes and I swear it’s the perfect amount of time. Plus, I’m so absorbed in the episode that it just flies by. And my rule is I can ONLY watch it while I’m exercising. Sometimes I workout just cause I’m dying to know what happens in the next episode! Hey, whatever it takes to get my butt moving, right?! Anyway, just an idea. You could combine your love of tv (like I have) with your exercise routine. Make it work for you. Think of how many miles you could walk while watching your favorite shows! Working out doesn’t have to be full blast. Right now, you just need to get moving. Period. Even if it’s just a stroll. You still get exercise points!

beerab says 2nd December @ 11:11

Mmmm sounds good- I’m going to try that!

susan says 2nd December @ 12:05

Hiya Patty ~ thanks for checkin’ in on me. Due mostly to you, I stuck an entry up on the old blog.

Hey, don’t forget those yummy chocolate chip/oatmeal fiber bars! I had forgotten all about them for months and finally bought a box. I tossed a few in the car and my purse ~ I forgot how satisfying they are and they kinda nip any naughty eating temptations in the bud. I’ve been snacking on one before I go into the restaurant in the late morning and it seems to cut down on my hand dipping into the chip bowl.

I agree with Firefly ~ Netflix is mighty nifty.

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