On the road again.

I’ve decided.  We’re heading for Florida tomorrow afternoon.  I asked Mom if it would be okay to leave on Monday instead of Tuesday and she said that would be wonderful.  Little sister called me later and said Mom went to the store and bought a new pair of pants and blouse (in case we went somewhere special) and called her hairdresser to get her hair done tomorrow morning.  She told little sister that she’s really excited about the trip.  That was enough for me.  What’s pretty much a routine outing for DH and I is the highlight of her year and just about the only time she gets more than ten miles from home.  I’ll call Paul today and tell him I’m not going to be there on Tuesday.  He has two choices: take advantage of my sub for his classes and I’ll bring coffee cakes to work tomorrow or reschedule the session.

I cleaned my bedroom and did laundry yesterday.  I know that doesn’t seem like much but I couldn’t stand my bedroom anymore.  I washed the draperies and put them back on the rods.  Took the rods outside and balanced them across the pool ladder and let them dry in the fresh air.  Cleaned all the windows inside and out.  Even scrubbed the ceiling.  Washed the walls, cleaned out the closet, organized my shoes (DH was quick to point out that I now have fifty seven pairs even though I set aside six pairs for Goodwill) and cleaned out all my dresser drawers.  When I went to bed last night, the room smelled so fresh and clean.  Wish the entire house was like that.  While windexing a big picture on the wall, I decided I didn’t like it and thought about recycling the existing frame and matting on another print.  I bought the picture at a garage sale and it’s by an artist named Hubert Rickert.  DH is weird about stuff like that.  Always thinks we have hidden treasure in some of this junk and didn’t want me to do it until he had time to research the guy.  This was all he could find:

Born near San Bernardino in Highland, CA on March 16, 1912.  “Bud” Rickert studied at the Chouinard School of Art under Millard Sheets.  He began his art career at the Disney Studios in the 1930s.  A lifelong resident of his native city, he died on May 10, 1991.  His work includes paintings, scrimshaws, collages, and etchings.
Edan Hughes, “Artists in California, 1786-1940”

Of course, now he wants to keep the ugly picture just like it is because the guy was old and he was mentioned on an art site.  It’s a painting of an old Mexican mission and I’d rather replace it with this:

  I love the bright colors and abstact nature of this picture and it would fit perfectly in the frame.  Maybe I’ll try to get in there and put this picture over the other one when he’s not looking.

I have lots to do today.  Have to change the sheets in the RV and wash the linens.  We haven’t used it for a few weeks so it probably needs freshening up.  I need to get a grocery list and fill the cabinets and fridge.  DS brought the kids over last night and we watched “Up” and then they all spent the night.  I’d better get them up and moving.




beerab says 22nd November @ 14:02

Maybe you could hang the painting somewhere else? Like the garage 😉

beerab says 22nd November @ 14:04

OMG I just read the description again- he worked for Disney? That’s SOOO COOL! Sorry I’m a Disney fanatic- lucky dog he probably got to work with Walt Disney himself.

beerab says 22nd November @ 14:06

Sorry I’m commenting you up- but google Bud Rickert and a lot more comes up 🙂 Apparently there is a store with his name on it in CA.

brseay says 22nd November @ 16:13

I’m so glad that you’re going, your mood sounds lighter already. Sometimes making the decision is the hardest part. Have a blast!

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