Up early this morning.  DGS, Andrew, has a National Honor Society meeting this morning.  Forty minutes before school starts.  This is the first time they’ve met this year.  I do a lot for DGS, Steven, with ROTC so  I figure I have to give time to National Honor Society to be fair.  I don’t understand how they can meet so early.  Surely this is not a time that works for all the kids.  I  know some of them ride the school bus and their arrival time is not flexible.

At any rate, DH wanted me to take advantage of a free room, buffet breakfasts, and buffet dinners at Grand Victoria Caseeno since I’m taking off work tomorrow for a doctor’s appointment.  We’ve had the freebies coming for some time but they’re only good on Monday through Thursday.  Sistah Pam’s coaxing pushed me over the edge yesterday afternoon so I called and made a reservation.  We won’t be able to leave until I get off work today and it’s a little more than an hour’s drive so we’ll head out as soon as I can get home.  Have a nice dinner, spend the night, have breakfast and still be able to get home before I have to be at the doctor’s.  Not quite the same as a romantic weekend getaway but still, it’ll be a good break.

Gotta run.  The boys would not be happy if I get them up thirty minutes earlier than usual and then I’m not ready when it’s time to leave.


brseay says 19th November @ 23:02

Enjoy the mini-vacation from reality. There is something so fun about going away to a hotel just because.

brseay says 19th November @ 23:04

BTW, I saw a tv show last night and thought of you. I don’t know what it’s called but a kid went to school w/an innocent scratch on his arm and the school called the child protective services. The caseworker of course had to interview the family and at the end of the interview she said to the husband “You don’t remember me, do you?” Turns out they dated years ago and he never called her back, so they had the panic that she’d be vindictive and take it out on the whole family. How sad is it that this reminded me of you 🙁

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