Every single time DS makes even the tiniest ripple in the waters, idiot caseworker immediately sends him for an alcohol test.  He called him yesterday and told him he had to take one before 6:00.  David left work a few minutes early so he could go pee in a cup.  There goes $30.00.  After that, he went to his “anger management” counseling and paid $50.00 to have the counselor walk in and say “i don’t feel well.  I’ll give all of you credit for being here but we’re just going to sign in and leave.”  She didn’t bother to refund their money.  Eighty bucks worth of jumping through hoops.

What a scam. 

Enough about that.  I try to keep from dwelling on it but I go through stages when my anger gets the best of me and I still can’t believe how this all turned out.

Moving on…today is an easy day.  I met my new students Monday and they seem like a pretty good bunch.  Yesterday, we watched a “Did you know?” video on Youtube and it generated an interesting conversation about the advances of technology.  We also discussed copyright infringement and I’m always amazed at how justified they feel about downloading pictures, games and songs without paying for them. 

Nothing going on after school so I should be home by 3:30.  Yay!!!



Lady says 15th November @ 8:25

hey girl, haven’t seen you here in a few days…Just keeping tabs on you!!


susan says 16th November @ 10:17

Hiya Patty ~ just stoppin’ in to say hello & wish you a good week. 🙂

beerab says 16th November @ 14:16

Gah that sucks- why does he have to keep taking them? He’s obviously passed them all- are they making her take any tests?

Joy says 16th November @ 17:12

Hey Patty,
How are you doing? I have not been able to get on here for days! The site was giving me problems and it took me days to get on. I see you have not been on in a while. You okay?

brseay says 16th November @ 20:20

Hey, I’m just getting caught up on everything. It’s so frustrating to me how must of a hassle you guys are going through, I can’t even imagine how you feel!

Glad to hear the new kiddos are a good bunch, it’s always such a gamble.

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