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This time change has been messing with me.  I slept a few minutes later than usual and all I can think about is today’s schedule.  I woke up, looked at the clock, and hit the shower.  Now I can only think about what I have to do to be able to call it a day.

7:15 – Be at work
2:45 – Home School whiney kid
4:00 – Home School little sweetheart
5:15 – Back to school for ROTC Booster Club meeting (again…)
6:30 – Head home
7:00 – End of another twelve hour day

As you can probably guess, I rescheduled yesterday’s home school session for today because I stayed for the controversial staff meeting.  Which didn’t end until almost 4:00.  On a brighter note, had a great dinner with the girls at Sistah Pams!


Joy says 3rd November @ 7:47

Wow they are running you ragged. I am glad that you and your DH will be getting away soon. You need the rest.
Have a nice day despite the hectic nature of it.

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