Potluck Club!

Giving myself the Straight and Narrow Award for today.  Potluck’s here!  I’m think I’m ready.  I’m bringing a baked ham and baked sweet potatoes with Splenda, cinnamon and Brummel and Brown.  If no one else brings anything healthy, I’m still good to go!  I’ve been trying to stay the path but it’s never easy.  Can’t say I’ve had perfect days since Monday but I’ve done pretty well at staying the course.  Exercise is the hardest part.  I’ve been putting in some long, hard days and then I’m tired and achey by the time I crawl in the door.  Today shouldn’t be too rough.  I’ll be finished and home by 4:00 or so.  I wish I could count on DH to fix something healthy for dinner.

I started working with another home/hospital student yesterday.  Didn’t care for her as much as the other one I’ve been working with.  This one was really whiney and Mom set us up in the dining room and hovered over her the entire time.  This girl had strep throat and it led to some kind of systemic infection.  She’s eleven years old and weighs 57 pounds.  Of course, Mom was no more than 90 pounds herself.  She looked downright anorexic so I don’t know if the kid being so thin was the result of her illness or just the way she is.  At any rate, in the hour that I worked with her she took a phone call (Mom said it was an important call from her father that she’d been waiting for all day), went to the bathroom three times (Mom said when she has to go, she has to GO!), whined continuously and was coddled by Mom every second and wasted a good fifteen minutes because she kept getting off track and telling me about how sick she’d been and how her teachers “don’t even care!”  I have another session with her today and I’m going to tell Mom we need a place to work where we can have privacy so she won’t be “distracted” from what we have to do.  In other words, Mom, get lost and stop coddling this child for a few minutes!

It’s that time.  Gotta hit the shower.  At least the weekend is in sight!


Joy says 29th October @ 7:00

Patty, thank you for the nomination. That was so sweet of you.
It sounds like you are getting quite a bit on your plate of life again. Be careful you dont burn out like last year. I hope that you have a wonderful day. 🙂

beerab says 29th October @ 10:27

I’m gonna make you proud with my loss this week :p

Sounds annoying- I’d say if next time isn’t better than I wouldn’t go anymore. I used to volunteer and tutor for FREE and when I had kids who didn’t pay attention or didn’t care I flat out told the parents I’m not coming anymore. Most of the time they were mad and I’d be like free tutoring doesn’t mean I have to waste my time…

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