Keep on Truckin!

Got one perfect day behind me, now I just need to keep it up.  I’ve got a plan for today.  Taking a hard boiled egg, a single serving tomato juice, a sandwich of whole grain bread with lean ham and an apple to work with me.  Going to walk on the treadmill as soon as I get home.

I went to Whole Foods yesterday looking for greek yogurt but couldn’t bring myself to pay $2.50 per carton for it.  Right next door, there was a fabric shop.  One of only a handful left in Louisville.  I decided to go in and check out the fabric for reupholstering the chair in the RV.  I found one fabric that would work for $45.00 per yard.  Found another for $35.00 per yard and a rather flimsy possibility for $25.00 a yard.  Then I wandered into the clearance area and found a good possibility marked down from $45.00 a yard to $5.00.  There was only six yards left on the bolt so I bought it all.  I’m getting closer and closer to tackling that job.  I’d be really happy to get it done for $30.00!  I even have enough fabric to redo a couple pieces of trim so that the chair will look like it belongs in there.  I’ve tackled much bigger jobs in the past but it’s been a long time.  Haven’t reupholtered anything for at least seven or eight years.

I’m off to the shower and then I’m going to enjoy another perfect day!


Joy says 26th October @ 6:54

GREAT job on one perfect day behind you Patty! I am proud of you. Keep up the good job. You can do this!

firefly says 26th October @ 8:32

You and me, Patty. We’re both going to have a perfect Monday!

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