It must be Friday!

 DH is stretched out in bed and I have my alarm ringing in my ear.  Yeah, it must be Friday.  Gonna be a long one.  I have to teach ESS for an hour after school and then I have to go see my home/hospital kiddo after that so I won’t be getting off until 5:00.  Hope the trip to school goes better today.  I was late yesterday and had to sign the dreaded red sheet.  I was only two minutes late but the regular sign in was already taken up and the red one was glaring at me.

DS used my car so much that I told him he had to keep it gassed up.  As a result, I haven’t had to put gas in it for months.  Now that he’s gone, I’ve got to get used to it again.  Headed out yesterday morning and the gas tank was empty.  I had to stop and that took at least five minutes.  Went up the road a bit and came upon a wreck and traffic was slowed down.  There goes another five.  Then, because I was running later than usual, I got behind a school bus that was stopping at every corner and lost another few minutes.  Finally got around it and came upon the remnants of a house fire about a mile from the school.  At least ten emergency vehicles blocking the road and traffic being directed around the scene one lane at a time.  Hope no one was hurt.  Even after all that, I managed to walk in the office at 7:32 but the red sheet was already waiting.  First time this year that I’ve had to sign in late.  sigh…

DH called from our place down in Florida.  Said it was 80 degrees and sunny.  Said he’d already unloaded the truck and was going to take a long, hot soak in the clawfoot tub and get a good night’s sleep.  Anyone seen that commercial of the redneck hot tub?  hee, hee!

Okay, let me get this day started so I can get it over.  Have a wonderful Friday, girls!


Joy says 23rd October @ 7:08

yaaaaay it is FRIDAY!
You and your DH should take Manny for a drive to your place and enjoy your cabin and claw foot hot tub. You deserve a rest after this week! Take care and have a wonderful day.

sunnydaze says 23rd October @ 8:44

Wow, you had alot going on this morning. Hope the rest of your day goes well and enjoy the weekend! 🙂

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