Thelma and Louise

Off to spend the day with Sistah Pam. She’s determined to save me from the doldrums these days. We tend to go off in her Z and wander around in search of…whatever. Today, it’s yard art and pond stuff. DS redid her pond for her and she’s happily eating breakfast out by the pond listening to the gentle cascade of water. Time to add fish and plants. Personally, I love koi. Had them for more than 15 years and they ate out of my hand and let me pet them. DS poisoned them a couple of years ago when I was on vacation in Hawaii and I don’t think he’s ever gotten over it. He got distracted while doing a partial water change and left the hose running in the pond for a couple of hours. They all died of chlorine poisoning. I never said anything to him about it because the guilt just about ate him alive. He’s been trying to talk me into getting more koi for a couple of years but I’ve been happy with just letting it be a pond of waterlilies and fountain spray. Pam wants to start with goldfish but DS made her promise to get a koi at some point and name it after him.

Latest on DIL…we’ve been just biding our time until we meet with the new attorney on Tuesday. DIL’s been as annoying as ever but no one seems to really care. It’s too soon to really talk to the new caseworker. We will, though. At some point. DS tried to talk to him about getting overnight visitation and he said he really wanted them to work it out on their own. He doesn’t want to have to get court ordered visits but prefers that we all work out the visitation. It seems best to let it go until we talk to the attorney.  Yesterday, I left work and found that I’d missed two calls from DIL, one from the elementary school the kids attend, one from the caseworker, and two from DS. My cell phone doesn’t always pick up in the building and DIL knows that. Seems Jake has pinkeye. The school called DIL and she told them she was at workand they need to call me. They called me and I didn’t get the call. They called DS a couple of times and he wasn’t up and didn’t get the calls. DIL had to take off work and go pick him up and take him to the doctor. She was not happy. Evidently, she thought the school would call me or DS and we’d take care of the situation. I was not happy when I talked to Scout and he said, “Jake woke up and he couldn’t open his eye. It was all red and scratchy. Mommy took us to school and told Jake to go right to the office as soon as he got there. Then she had to go to work.” What??? She knew he had a problem but she took him to school anyway, told him to go to the office, and then left? As always, she wanted someone else to deal with it. When the school called her, she told them to call me. So I guess it’s okay for me to have to leave work to deal with it but not her. The school called her back and she told them to call DS.  Finally, the school called her again and she had to go pick him up.  As I said, she was super pissed when they couldn’t reach me or DS.  School starts at 9:05 and the first call to my cell was at 9:28.  She’s never been able to take care of her kids and she never will. Her needs will always come first.

Enough about that…I’m going to do some cleaning and then hit the road with Pam.


canadianchunky says 29th August @ 11:57

I said it before and I will say it again “document document document”. I hope you are keeping all of this documented as you will need it in court.

Other than that, I hope all goes well with your visit with Pam.


beerab says 29th August @ 12:21

I’m sorry your DGS has pinkeye- BUT I am glad that your DIL had to deal with it. It’s like WHY do YOU have to take time off but she doesn’t? Pft wtf I would have said “I have a job- they are YOUR children- YOU have to take care of them. There is no more free ride honey- you want your kids in your life well you have to take the good with the bad.”

firefly says 29th August @ 13:05

Enjoy your Girls Day Out! I’m off work today too. Enjoy – that’s my motto!

brseay says 29th August @ 17:27

I’m w/beerab, I think it worked out the best way possible. I think fate intervened when the cellphone didn’t pick up reception b/c DIL needs to realize what it means to be a mom.

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