First week of school for kids – – two days.  That’s a good thing.  A couple of days to get back in the swing and then the weekend to recover.  Personally, I’m not back into the school mode yet.  I tend to sleep just a bit too long and hang out with a cup of coffee just a bit too long and stay in the shower just a bit too long.  It all adds up to arriving at school just a bit later than I’d like.  So, this morning, one cup of coffee and one cigarette and it’s off to the shower.  Although I arrived at school twenty minutes early yesterday morning, I couldn’t find a parking space and spent ten minutes driving around looking for one and getting in the building.  I wound up parking way out in the north forty and forgot about it.  After school let out, the boys and I exited the building and it looked like the car was a half mile from the school.  I didn’t like carrying all my junk so far and it felt like my arm was going to fall off before I finally got a chance to dump everything in the back seat.  Although our parking spots are not reserved, they’re “established” through repetition and seniority and the parents took all the spots teachers usually take.  Maybe I should paint my name on the pavement.

6:15 – I’m ready.  Waiting on the boys.  Seems like a good time to lay down a few tidbits about the custody issue.  We’re looking for a new attorney.  It ain’t easy…No one seems to know a good one for custody issues.  A friend at work is married to an attorney but she lives and works in Indiana.  He told me to call her and tell her who we had and she could probably either tell us whether or not he’s any good or refer us to someone who is.  I talked to her for a few minutes yesterday afternoon.  Although she didn’t know the attorney representing DS, she had me explain my concerns to her.  In the end, she was as appalled as I am.  She said, “There are bad caseworkers and there are bad attorneys.  It sounds like you have the lethal combination of both.”  Although she doesn’t practice in Kentucky, she said she knows of a couple of people she could recommend.  She’s going to call me back with some numbers.  She said our attorney should be all over the changes in visitation, the living with boyfriend situation and the no-longer-bipolar situation.  In addition, she said the caseworker was way out of line to allow DIL to play games with the visitation and then infer that if “I couldn’t handle it” she would have to find someone else and my son would be lucky to get one day a week.  She said that’s nothing but an out and out threat.  I agree with her.  Everyone agrees with our take on the situation but it’s still happening and no one is following it except us.  The GAL is there for the kids but most of the crap is being aimed at DS and his attorney should be the one standing up for him during this time.


brseay says 14th August @ 9:02

Hopefully she’ll be able to get you the names of a few great attorneys. Get through today and then enjoy the weekend.

tjnorth says 14th August @ 12:02

I think you are absolutely right to look for a new lawyer. I found that out with child support and custody problems many years ago – a lawyer who actually behaves like you are paying them to get results for you makes a big big difference. I found mine by asking two or three people who had been divorced for advice ‘for a friend’ without giving details, then made a 15 minute appt with each to essentially interview them as the situation was urgent and I needed someone who wouldn’t mess around. I had learned by then the very expensive lesson that not all lawyers are good at what they do. I know this is tough to get through, remember to take care of yourself too.

beerab says 14th August @ 14:47

Hope it all works out! Sometimes lawyers just get burned out with old drama and you need a new one.

Joy says 14th August @ 16:14

I hope that he is able to find a good lawyer. I also hope that your day went well and the family meeting goes well tonight. After that soak city in that spa!

firefly says 14th August @ 18:25

Positive thoughts for a good lawyer (sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it!)

Try to enjoy your weekend!

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