The seminar ends today.  Yay!  I thought this was going to be really easy but it turns out it wasn’t.  Each day has had it’s own challenges and I expect today to be one of the biggest.  The seminar doesn’t end until 4:00 this afternoon and I’m only supposed to work until 3:00 but I have to get all the equipment back where I got it and have everything secured before I leave.  Seems they pay me to set it all up and keep it running for the week but how I get it all collected afterward is not their concern.  I can’t complain, however, they paid me almost a thousand bucks to do this and they’ve been very good to me in terms of recognizing what I’ve done.

As I said, each day has had challenges.  We started off yesterday morning in good shape.  For the first time all week, everybody had what they needed and things were running smoothly.  Then, around 10:00 a.m. we had a terrible storm come through.  It was unreal!  I was absolutely positive tornado sirens were going to sound any minute and had to speak to the masses and let everyone know where they were supposed to go in the building if we had to take emergency procedures.  The storm raged for at least an hour and we lost power for a couple of minutes.  Just long enough for emergency back-up power to kick in and all computers to go off line.  Thank God DS arrived just before the storm broke and was there to help me run the halls and get everybody functioning again.  I know it’s rough on him going to work at 4:00 in the afternoon and working till 1:00 or 2:00 but it’s been a blessing for me because he’s come by the last two days to help and says he’ll be there today.  Actually, I think he’s gotten a kick out of it.  This is an elementary teacher seminar and it seems like almost everyone is a middle aged woman.  They all just think David is the cutest thing ever.  One woman told him yesterday that she’s going to bake him one of her world famous pies today. 

If they ask me to do this again next year I will but I’ll have a better idea of what’s involved and plan accordingly.

As soon as I got off yesterday, I took Andrew and Steven and we all got haircuts.  Came home and dropped them off and then went grocery shopping and bought a ton of stuff to stock the RV.  I didn’t get home until almost 9:30 and I just had the boys help me carry everything in the house and pile it on the floor in the living room.  We sorted through and got all the refrigerated items taken care of and then I left everything else where it was.  DH is off today so I’m going to let him deal with putting everything in the RV.



Joy says 19th June @ 6:54

soon you will be on the road to your little cabin in the woods! Relax , enjoy your DGK, soak in that tub, and relish your time away. You deserve it Patty.
Patty , thank you.

Sunny says 19th June @ 8:39

hope you have a wonderful time! You’ve certainly earned it!

:: hugs ::

beerab says 19th June @ 15:25

Well at least it paid well 🙂

Have a great vacation- sounds like so much fun!

brseay says 19th June @ 16:41

And now you get to relax and enjoy the summer. You have definitely earned it!

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