Thanks, DS!

Things got better yesterday afternoon.  The morning was a mess.  Running all over the place trying to make sure everyone had what they needed when many of them didn’t even know what they needed.  My ankle was really bothering me after running up and down the halls for two days and not being able to get off my feet at all.  I ran up to the office at 11:30 yesterday and one of the secretarys said, “Hey, Pat, your son’s here.  I told him I didn’t know where you were but I think he went to the library.”  I found him and he said, “I just thought I’d drop by and see if you needed anything.  I know they ran you ragged yesterday.”

“Yes!  Do me a favor, take this TV/DVD to the end of the hall, get it on the elevator and take it to the second floor and then to room 226.  I’ll meet you there!”  After I got there and we hooked up the TV, he said, “Why didn’t you just ask me to take this to room 226?  You didn’t need to go there.  I came over because I know your ankle’s giving you trouble.”

He stayed until 3:00 and did most of the running.  It was a HUGE help.  Jake and Scout stayed in the library with headphones clamped over their ears and perfected their game skills.  I was soooo glad DS came over.  My ankle is fine if I do my regular job.  That is, run around a while, sit at the computer a while, run around a while, sit a while.  After a full day of running on concrete floors and not being able to sit down at all, my ankle really got irritated and it’s been killing me ever since.  The only thing that’s going to make it better is to minimize the time standing and running around for a couple of days.

I’m going through a lot with DS these days and it was good to know that he was thoughtful enough to recognize that I was limping and hurting and just take the initiative to come to school and do my running.  He said he’d come by this morning, too.


Joy says 18th June @ 7:09

awww that wa sso sweet of him. I am so glad he will help you today as well. I hope today goes better. Soon you will be on the road to your cabin in the woods and some peace and quite (kind of) 🙂
Take care and have a wonderful day Patty!

Sunny says 18th June @ 11:14

Very sweet! As I always say, at the end of the day, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. 😉

brseay says 18th June @ 15:01

There’s proof that you did a great job raising him. Hope today is a bit more calm.

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