On guard!

Today should be a lot easier than yesterday.  All of the rooms are set up and I just have to be on guard in case a projector bulb burns out or a computer decides to crash.  Should be pretty uneventful.  Weight is at 184 so I’m down another half pound.  That makes five pounds this week.  I know that’s too much and that it won’t continue at that rate but it just goes to show how much better I can do when I have a little more control over my life.

I don’t think I fully explained why yesterday was so difficult.  At the end of the year, teachers have all kinds of crap that they need to throw out.  In our school, we’re supposed to pile it all outside our classroom doors.  However, since they have 500 people attending this seminar, they asked everyone to just leave it in the rooms.  I was fairly upset yesterday because many, if not most, of the rooms I opened up yesterday had so much trash piled up I couldn’t get things set up for the seminar because, in some cases, I could barely get in the rooms.  I spoke to the head custodian and he said he’d guarantee everything would be cleaned up by this morning in time for the seminar but it was difficult to work around all the mess yesterday to do what I had to do.

I have to run.  If I don’t get there early, I won’t find a parking space.  Entering dangerous territory.  They’re supposed to provide breakfast and lunch today.  May the force be with me…

10:00 – OMG!  What a fiasco.  I got here this morning and a few people grabbed me for last minute stuff.  That’s okay.  It’s what I expected.  What I didn’t expect, however, was for a message to come over the intercom for me to go to the theatre immediately.  I went and found a woman pulling her hair out and getting all upset because the theatre wasn’t set up.  I told her no one asked me to set up the theatre.  She was stessing about a dirty theatre and 500 people and needing a sound system, computer with projector, and CD player.  The superintendent for the entire school district was due to arrive at 9:00 to address the masses.  I went to the principal and asked if she knew where the sound system was and asked her to let the head custodian know about the theatre.  She almost went ballistic.  Seems they didn’t tell her about the theatre either and they were supposed to have their own custodians sent from the board to clean the rooms they were using and our theatre isn’t ready, even though it’s reserved for 10:00 this morning because our custodians spent all day yesterday getting rooms cleaned up for this seminar.  I just stayed out of the way as our principal, plant manager, and head custodian blasted the woman who organized this event.  Our school doesn’t get paid anything to do this.  We just provide the building as a courtesy and they’re supposed to pay someone to set up the equipment (me) and provide their own custodians to set up all the rooms.  They’ve never used our theatre before and did not reserve it or request it.  Our principal was highly upset that we would be coming off as disorganized slobs when the superintendent visits and none of it is our fault.  End result was that the seminar didn’t start until 9:30 instead of 9:00, people had to spend an extra thirty minutes in the cafeteria having breakfast (which they probably didn’t mind) and our staff had to do a frenzied set-up and make arrangements to move the event which is supposed to take place at 10:00 from the theatre to the lobby.  The sound system is not even available because it was loaned to another school so I didn’t have to worry about that. 

I was afraid breakfast would tempt me but it looks like I didn’t need to worry.  I’ve been running around and haven’t even had time to think about it.  Now I’m killing a few minutes while I have time to take a breather.  I feel pretty certain that heads are going to roll at the end of this event but, at least, it won’t be mine.


Sunny says 17th June @ 10:43

geesh! Seems like you can’t buy a break!!! :: hugs ::

beerab says 17th June @ 12:52

Goodness girl your week sounds hectic! I’m glad things are looking up with your son- I hope he takes heed to what the social worker said and this time doesn’t cave to his ex’s demands- yes she’s the mother of their children BUT that doesn’t mean she can walk all over him!

Congratulations on the loss- I think after reading about your week I lost a pound lol 😉

brseay says 17th June @ 18:20

Geez, does the frustration ever end? It is so rediculous when the people who are in charge of the details overlook the details! Maybe tomorrow will be easier?????

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