2008 Patty

I didn’t log my food intake yesterday but it was pretty good.  Gotta get back in the habit of doing that.  Everyone around here, both DS’s, all five grandkids, and DH had grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, cole slaw, french fries and watermelon for dinner.  I had a boneless, skinless, grilled chicken breast, a green salad with lite dressing, and watermelon.  Held my own in the face of adversity.  The scales are showing me 183 this morning and that’s the same place  I was yesterday.  I ate well but still could have done better.  I swore I was going to workout but didn’t.  The house was overflowing and we were all running inside and outside and I just didn’t take the time to do it.

Took a look at 2008 Patty from last year’s entries and the woman is truly beating me with a stick.  She was dealing with the same conflict that I am and yet she still managed to stay on track with eating, exercise, and staying on goal.  I didn’t go to the same date last year.  Instead, I looked at the entry from Monday after the first week of summer break which is about where I am now.  The woman weighted 181 pounds and was whining about it!  I’m at 186 and feeling good for having lost three pounds.  She’s only five pounds ahead of me.  I can still catch her.  Here’s an excerpt from last year.

“I’m watching Jake and Scout (no sign of or messages from their mother for two days now).  Scout said, “Hey Nana, we’re going to spend the night!”  I said, “No, You’re not spending the night.  Why did you think you were?”  Scout said, “Because Daddy has to go to work and no one knows where Mommy is.”  So sad.  Poor little boy.  How does he rationalize his mother’s behavior?  I don’t want to say anything.  I really don’t know what to say, anyway.  I just said, “No, Daddy will pick you up as soon as he gets off work.”

This year is even worse.  Not only do we not know where Mommy is…she’s not allowed to have any contact with the kids or DS because of the EPO he took out on her. 

DH and I had a serious discussion about vacation last night.  We’re supposed to leave in six days.  We were planning on taking my little sister with us in the RV.  She’s still stuck in a wheelchair and her foot will be totally non-weight bearing for at least another three months.  She’s totally sick of staring at her bedroom walls.  She has a huge master bath off her bedroom and her world consists of dragging herself out of bed and into the wheelchair (actually, I suppose it’s a scooter), going into the bathroom, sponge baths, and TV.  She doesn’t even have a good sized window in her room.  We figured she’d enjoy the RV because she can get away from her bedroom for a few days and the RV is so compact, she can have access to the bathroom, the kitchen, the living room area, and the bedroom by just hopping a few feet.  She’s never been to our place in Florida and we figured we’d drive down there, set her up in the RV a few feet from the cabin, and DH and I would have the cabin all to ourselves to install some kitchen cabinets, a kitchen sink, upstairs carpet, etc.  Now, everything’s changing.  We’ve had to lay out close to $2,000 for DS for his bond, attorney, etc.  On top of that, DIL emptied their bank account and his wallet before she was vacated from the property so I feel pretty certain that he’s going to need a loan.  That was a good chunk of our vacation money.  On top of that, we now have the “kid” dilemma with them being our top priority. 

Last night, we discussed whether we should go as planned, go but take the kids, or just cancel entirely.  I don’t want to cancel because I love my sister dearly and she’s really looking forward to the trip.  On the other hand, in spite of what the caseworker says, I have serious concerns that the court may order DS to hand over the kids until the situation can be resolved.  Currently, DIL has an EPO on him, and he has an over-riding one on her with the kids included on both of them.  What would happen if the court took the kids away from DS and I wasn’t there to take custody?  I shudder to think of it.  They could wind up in a foster care situation.

DH thinks we should go and take the kids with us.  They love going to our place in Florida and haven’t been there for almost three years.  They call it “Nana’s hundred acre woods”.  DH then said, you know, we promised Holly, DGD, that we’d take her with us the next time we took a trip in the RV.  We really had a weekend outing in mind but he does have a point.  She’s a lonely little girl with problems of her own and I certainly don’t want her to think we took Jake and Scout and didn’t want to take her.  Sooo, it looks like the vacation we planned and the one we’re doing are totally different.  Nothing is set in stone and I want to hear what the verdict is after DS goes to court tomorrow on the “assault” charge DIL filed.  I want to make sure that there won’t be a problem if we take the kids to Florida.

You know, I really do believe I’m going to Heaven one of these days.  My only fear is that St. Peter will meet me at the gate and say, “Thank God you’re here!  We’re desperately shorthanded in the daycare center!”

Now, it’s time for me to try to catch up to 2008 Patty.  Heading for the treadmill…

2:00 – Well alrighty then!  I just finished my workout and I’m feeling a lot better about my dedication/motivation/committment.  I tried something different.  Something I’ve never been able to do.  That is, reading while walking on the treadmill.  I can’t ever manage to get things just right.  Either the book won’t stay put or the book is in the wrong place or the fan blows the pages or something.  This time, I took one of those industrial strength paper clippy things upstairs and clamped a magazine in just the right place with the pages held down by the clip.  I set the treadmill for 2.8 mph at an incline of 3% and got moving.  Read for 20 minutes and then took my heart rate.  It was at 106 bpm!  I couldn’t believe it!  I might as well have been sleeping.  I tossed the book aside, upped the speed to 3.1 and the incline to 4% and was at 130 bpm within five minutes.  Kept on pushing, sweat running down my face and back (I forgot how hot it gets upstairs at midday in the summer) and hung in there for an hour.  Yay!  That’s the most I’ve done for a long time.  I’m nowhere near Devil Woman 2008 Patty but I’m doing better.  2008 Patty was doing 95 minutes, all the way up to 10% incline and all the way back down and burning more than 600 calories in her daily workout.  I only burned half that many calories.  Still, I’m feeling pretty good about it.  Of course, now I’ve got to take another shower….

3:00 – Just got off the phone with little sister.  She’s excited about the possibility of taking the trip to Florida and she’s getting her son to drive her to Louisville to see if she can handle the RV.  A big part of the problem is that she’s never been able to use crutches.  She tries to “hop” instead of using the crutches to “swing” her body.  I don’t know why she can’t get the hang of it but I can only imagine how difficult it would be to get around if you can’t use crutches.  She’s had several surgeries on her foot and ankle and lots of physical therapists have tried to teach her to use crutches but it just doesn’t work.  She has an instinctive need to “hop” and no matter how she tries, she just can’t get her body to do what it needs to do to maneveur with crutches.  I’m thinking that if she lowers her butt on the steps of the RV, she can scoot up the five steps and then scoot onto my aerobic step and then onto her shower bench and then onto the couch.  It’s an hour’s drive from her house to mine.  Guess we’ll find out shortly if she’s going to be able to handle it.

3:40 – EWWWWW!!! Yuck! Gross! Gross! Gross!  I went out to the RV to set up my aerobic step and turn on the air conditioning and it smelled horrible in there!  DH discovered that a cat had crawled under the RV and died.  Gross!  I don’t know what happened to it.  I shudder to think that anyone would have poisoned it or something.  We live in a well established neighborhood and don’t usually see strays but I have noticed two or three cats running around the neighborhood lately.  Don’t know who they belong to or even if they belong to anyone.  Poor DH had to use a shovel.  Gross, gross, GROSS!!!


Sunny says 14th June @ 13:06

Man oh man….all the stress you are amidst!!!! I feel so bad for you. I hope you can get some kind of vacation….not that it will be a true vacation for you, but you know what I mean. Hang in there, sweetie! :: hugs ::

p.s. I’ve moved my blog to here: http://sunnygee.blogspot.com/

brseay says 14th June @ 14:16

No, when you get to heaven your DIL will be there at your beck and call. So will the nasty AP.

WTG on the hour on the treadmill. You’ll be passing the 2008 Patty before you know it.

susan says 14th June @ 18:50

Nana’s 100 Acre Woods ~ great name. You need a sign made up with that painted on it.

About your sister ~ as you were talking about scooting here and there, I thought of those gardening seats that are real low and have four wheels to, well, scoot. Also those wheeled thingies that you can put large potted plants on to move ’em about. That would make a good scooty thing too. I thought of a skate board ~ maybe two fastened together ~ one for each cheek… 🙂 if her butt is anything like mine.
Hang in there, 2009 Patty. 2008 Susan was a good 8 pounds ahead of the 2009 Susan.

Sunny says 15th June @ 1:11

Patty, I can’t even imagine what that must’ve smelled like! ewwww :: hugs ::

Joy says 15th June @ 6:34

Susan! That is a great idea! I have seen those garden benches on wheels. That might work Patty for you little sis.

Patty, I hope that you have a wonderful vacation, with wonderful memories. I pray all goes well today for your DS in court.

Not to be to mean but BRSEAY I think Pattys DIL will not be going to heaven anytime soon! Sorry I know that is a tad mean but…..LOLOL
Patty good job on getting on that treadmill!
Have a great day!

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