Did it again. Did a great job all day and then binged last night around 8:00. What’s that about? I’ve done that the last three days. I will NOT do it tonight. Gotta get a plan in place for this evening.

I have to admit, however, that I was stressed to the absolute limit last night. I was ready to scream. Andrew had that meeting after school from 3:00 to 5:00 about the summer internship program. He really wants to do this and it’s a great opportunity. I had all his paperwork together and the application was complete. After school, we had to take a number and, because the meeting was in the library where I happen to live, we were number one. There were four tables set up and the process was to start at table one and, if you made it past there, you moved on to the next one. Any problem stopped the process. We didn’t get past table one. The woman said, “Let me see your social security card.” Andrew said, “I don’t have it. I brought my birth certificate.” The woman said, “I have to have both.” I pointed out, “It says right here, bring a picture ID and your social security card or birth certificate. He doesn’t have his social security card.” She said, “I have to have both of them.” Andrew said, “Well, can I just send it in?” She said, “No, you have to show it to me in order to move on. I’ll just mark your folder that you don’t have your social security card and you can meet with us tomorrow at Central High School.” Andrew said, “I don’t have my social security card. My mother took it to my doctor and she lost it.” The woman said, “I’m sorry. I can’t help you.” I was getting aggravated. I said, “Look, it says right here, bring your social security card OR birth certificate. He has his birth certificate and it will take weeks for him to get another social security card. If he had to have it, why does it say social security card OR birth certificate?” She said, “I don’t know why the application says that. We require BOTH. I can take a photo copy of the social security card if you can get one from his doctor or the school but if he can’t provide it today or tomorrow, he’s ineligible for the program.”

Damn! I was so pissed off! We were turned away and I went to the office to check his school records. No photo copy of his social security card. I started calling DIL repeatedly and she wasn’t answering. Called DS and he said he’d run up to where she works. I waited and waited and DS finally called me back about 30 minutes later and said she told him she lost it but she’ll order him another one. That’ll take weeks! I figured if she took it to show to his doctor, the doctor should have a copy. DS called his doctor and they said they didn’t have one. I was really ticked off but we had no choice but to leave.

I talked to DIL and she said she’d take Andrew to Frankfort today (the state capitol) and try to get something done in person. That means he has to miss school and he has a final exam today. Since he just turned 18, she can’t get it for him so he has to go with her. I was so uptight yesterday evening I felt like I was going to explode. Very few things get to me the way red tape does. They give you the wrong information and then sit there totally inflexible and say, “I don’t know why it says OR, I have to have BOTH.” I wonder if they train them to sit there with that poker face while people go crazy around them.

Getting angry again just writing about it. I’d better hit the shower…

2:44 – I cut school. Told the principal I had to take Steven home and then go to another high school and be there by 3:00. She said, “Go!” but I always have a hard time getting out of the building. Had Steven sent to my class at 1:45 and Phyllisann promised to watch my wild bunch until the end of school at 2:20. I was ready to head out the door when “T” showed up. He said bad AP was talking about him in the lunch room and he overheard him. He got mad and had a few choice things to say. Bad AP told him he wasn’t passing any of his classes anyway so he didn’t want to see him back in the building this year. Suspended him for the rest of the year. He asked if he could come to my class for the last half hour of school and showed up just as I was walking out the door. I really hated to leave him so abruptly. I’d planned on having a long talk with him before school ended and giving him gift certificates for Pizza Hut and iTunes for helping me out this year. Instead, I had to settle for a BIG hug and quick goodbye. I think the hug surprised him and he lit up like a Christmas tree. Don’t think the kid gets too many hugs and I never knew how he would react to that kind of physical contact so I never gave him one before. Wish I had. I really had to run but I asked him to call me tomorrow or Monday and he said he would. I want to see him again and give him his gifts.

Anyway, DIL took Andrew to Frankfort today and they told her it would take weeks to get him a new social security card but they gave him a certified letter confirming his identity and social security number. I don’t know if that’ll work but they told DIL it’s even better than a card because it’s certified. (Ha! Try telling that to the fed lady) So, I raced home and DS said he’d take Andrew to the other high school. They were walking out when I pulled in the drive and I let them go. Figured DS could take care of it just as easy as I could. Now I’m having second thoughts. Isn’t that awful? That I don’t trust his parents to do anything? All I can do is sit her with my fingers crossed and hope everything goes okay with the process. Don’t know if I shared all the details but this is a federally funded program that takes promising juniors and gives them job training over the summer. They can choose two preferences from GIS, Networking, Web Design, Help Desk, Microsoft Office applications, Computer Repair and a couple others. If selected, Andrew will work 30 hours a week and be paid $7.25 per hour while he’s training. When school starts again in the fall, he’ll co-op during his senior year and continue training and being paid $7.25 per hour. After he graduates, if he continues with the program, they’ll give him $4,000 per year toward college and allow him to work part-time with a raise compensatory with his skills. Andrew chose Help Desk and Computer Repair as his two choices.

Really hope that old biddy accepts the letter…

Okay, moving on… I will NOT binge tonight. Taking your advice, Brandie. If I have to, I’ll go to bed and hide under the covers. Still, I’ve got a plan…I’ve got chicken breast marinating in a lemon pepper citrus marinade and we’ll throw them on the grill. I’m fixing a bunch of the broccoli DS got from his friend with the farm and some beautiful new potatoes she sent us. Gotta be careful with those little devils. I love new potatoes. Fixing a big salad to go with it.

After dinner, I’m going to work my butt off. I want to get the last issue of the newsletter out tomorrow afternoon so I’m going to work on that. I tried to get it done today but things were just too hectic. Thought I could get “C”, my little helper, to inventoy computers while I worked on the newsletter but he wouldn’t leave me alone:

“Look at this one, Mrs. R, the space bar is gone. See? Look at it. Mrs. R..look at the space bar.”

“I see it, “C”. I’ll fix it later. Just enter the serial number into the database for now.”

“Why do you think people tear things us like this, Mrs. R? I think we’re lucky to have all these laptops. Don’t you wish people would take care of them?”

“Yeah, “C”, I wish they’d take better care of them. Now, I’ve got a lot of stuff I have to do. I need to concentrate so I need for you to be quiet. Just enter the numbers into the database. Okay? I can’t talk right now. I have to work.”

“Mrs. R, look at this one. The screen’s broken! Look! Mrs. R, what do you want me to do with it?”

“Just enter the number into the database. I’ll deal with repairs later. I just want to get them all checked in right now. Let me do my work, C. I really want to get this done.”

“You won’t believe this one, Mrs. R! There are seven keys missing! Can you believe that?! Mrs. R….look at this one…. What do you want to do about this broken one? Look here, Mrs. R. Can you believe this? I can’t understand why people tear things up. Doesn’t that make you mad, Mrs. R? This one has a broken screen! What do you want to do about this one with the broken screen? Do you want me to put it in the database? Look! This one doesn’t have an airport card! Someone just took the whole card. Why would someone steal the airport card? Look, Mrs. R!”

I finally got so irritated I said, “Chris! Stop!  Time out!  I don’t want to hurt your feelings. I appreciate your help on this but I really need for you to stop talking and let me do what I need to do. I can’t concentrate when you keep talking and showing me things. It’s making me CRAZY! Just enter the serial number into the database and stop talking! I HAVE TO GET THIS DONE! Really! Be quiet! Take the laptop, enter the serial number, place the laptop back in the cart and move on to the next one. Don’t tell me about everything that’s wrong. Right now, I really don’t care. I just want to get my work done. OKAY???!!!!!”

He gives me that big old smile of his and says, “That’s why I like helping you, Mrs. R. You’re so funny! You’re always joking and kidding around!”

…..and that’s why I have plenty of work to keep me busy this evening….

7:00 – Not that I would ever do it but I do understand why people go postal. 

They wouldn’t accept the certified letter.

No way, no how.  Arggghhhh!  The fed lady told DS there’s one more chance.  If Andrew has ever held a job (and he did work part-time for Micky D’s a couple of summers ago) his employer can write a letter that must be on company letterhead and must be notarized stating that he held a job and they used this social security number for him.  Then he can go downtown to the Youth Opportunity Unlimited center and try again on June 2nd from 1 to 4 or June 4th from 2 to 6.  She did warn, however, that on those days it’ll be opened up to the state and the lines will probably be very long.  Crap! If he goes on June 2nd, he probably won’t have to wait as long because school is still in session and most responsible kids will be sitting at their desks taking finals BUT he’ll have to miss another day of school and another final exam.  If he waits until June 4th, school will be out for the entire state and he’ll be lucky to get within a ten miles of the place. 

……smoke coming out of my ears and blistering profanity screaming to be released from my vocal cords…..


twice says 28th May @ 8:59

That happens all the time!! They say one or the other then require both. I agree with you, it’s not fair. They screwed up the wording on the paperwork then almost blame you for not being prepared. Does that mean he cant participate in the program at all? If he cant that sucks, I remember reading how much he was looking forward to it.

brseay says 28th May @ 13:15

How frustrating! And even though it’s probably not that woman’s fault that it says that, the way she handled it contributed to the stress.

You can make it past 8:00 tonight, I know you can. If you have to, hop into bed and pull the covers over your head.

susan says 28th May @ 14:59

Jeeze, how annoying. I’m with brseay ~ the way that administrator drone handled the situation was not helpful.

Try to look on the bright side: Andrew gets to spend some time with dear old mom, and will get to take his final exam in a quiet room by himself hopefully.

Hope today was low-stress. Not many more days left! WHAT are you going to do with yourself??? 🙂

tjnorth says 28th May @ 21:20

oh my – I am with you on the red-tape-being-totally-infuriating thing – my sons started trying to stop me from getting involved in problem-solving on their behalf years ago because I would go ballistic at the incredible bone-headedness of it all. Can we all just use some common sense here?

beerab says 29th May @ 12:27

Goodness my head is spinning- what a crazy day! I hope your son gets the job- honestly I’m totally confused on why a doctor would need your social security card- none of my doctor’s has ever asked!

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