Time to play catch up.

Little Sister is really struggling after her latest and greatest foot and ankle surgery. I feel so bad for her. Talked to her for a while this morning. Because of a car wreck a few years ago, she had a massive hernia and has to be really careful about lifting anything. She’s torn it up a few times and what was bad to begin with has become massive. Last surgery she had, she was told that she can never lift anything over five pounds again. Now comes the latest foot and ankle surgery and her foot must be totally nonweight bearing for months. Okay…so how is she supposed to do anything? She can’t use crutches because of her hernia and she can’t pull herself up to get out of the chair, out of bed, or off the commode (I know, TMI). On top of that, she’s having a lot of pain. The visiting nurse wanted them to put her in a nursing home for a couple of months but her insurance wouldn’t approve it. So…she’s suffering. After struggling for a week or so, they did get approval for some major modifications at her house. She got a hospital bed so she can raise and lower it to help her out of bed and they mounted one of those trapeze things above it to help her but then told her not to pull on it too much because of the hernia. She lives by herself but her son has moved home to help her out. Still, he works all day and can only run home at lunch and be there in the evenings. Poor baby. I feel bad for her. The entire family is in town, except youngest brother (New Orleans) and me but Mom certainly can’t help her, and the other two brothers work all day.

Found out yesterday that Andrew has an opportunity to work with a program called Kentuckiana Works, a federal summer job program, that would have him work 30 hours each week at $7.25 an hour over the summer and then he’d intern half a day all next year after attending half a day of school. If he’s accepted, they’ll continue to employ him part time and give him $4,000 per year for college after he graduates. I think it’s a wonderful opportunity but I wonder if he could do it. He works so hard on his studies to overcome his learning disabilities. Gotta think long and hard on that one. To be quite honest, I didn’t think he’d be able to be successful in college and was thinking about some kind of vocational training but I’ve learned that he’s a pretty determined young man and I’m beginning to think he can do a lot more than I originally thought. Being one of only twelve students in the school who made the National Honor Society says a lot. He has an “I can do it!” attitude and I don’t want to discourage that but I don’t want to put him into an overwhelming positon either. This one’s going to require a lot of thought and reflection.

“T”s in trouble. He was late to his last period class yesterday and the teacher wouldn’t let him in. Told him to go to the office. The office was raging yesterday with all the security staff calling in sick and they must have had twenty kids in there mouthing off and being butts. “T” started getting into it with one of them and, to his credit, he walked out. Came across the hall to the library and told me what was going on. He was HOT. His face was red and I could see the rage in him. I told him he did the right thing by walking away from a bad situation and that I would take care of things. Called the office and told them I had “T” and would keep him with me to avoid a confrontation in the office. After a couple of minutes, he calmed down and Bill, the AP that cares about T almost as much as I do, came over.

He pulled me aside and told me that T was not going to pass most of his classes and asked me if I would be willing to keep him with me during those class times and use him to help me inventory all the laptop carts as they get checked in for the year. Bill said, “He’s not a bad kid, Pat. You know he isn’t and he loves you. He really does.” I said I loved him, too, and he never gives me any trouble. Does what I ask him to do and is totally respectful. I was really happy with the idea of letting him stay with me most of the day and asked T if that was something he’d like to do. T was more than happy and I was elated that he’d be able to help me sort through 1,500 laptops and get them ready for summer storage. A few minutes later, I sent him to pick up a cart of laptops from a teacher at the far end of the school. After about ten minutes or so, I see him and another boy being escorted down the hall by the AP that can’t stand him (and the one I had a run in with earlier this year). I stepped to the door and asked what was going on and the AP tells me T slipped out the back door and was taking a smoke. Crap! I didn’t even know he smoked. In the meantime, T is apologizing to me for doing something while he was under my watch. He told me his friend was right out the door smoking and he stepped out and took “one drag!” off the guy’s cigarette and then the AP stepped around the corner and saw them. I was pretty disappointed that he would let me down but he looked so miserable I didn’t need to say anything. I could tell he was disappointed in himself. At any rate, I told the AP that I would keep him with me until the bell rang in fifteen minutes or so and the jerk said I didn’t need to. He was going to suspend him and hopefully, he wouldn’t be coming back this year. “T” said, “You can’t suspend me for 7 days for taking a drag off a cigarette!” and the AP starts ranting about how he’s sick of dealing with him and is going to do everything in his power to make sure he doesn’t have to see his face for the rest of the year. Damn! I can’t do anything to defend T because he’s guilty. I know he’s guilty and he knows he’s guilty but I don’t understand why this jerk feels the need to be as nasty as possible with every kid he encounters. He would have done a lot better to tell T that he was really disappointed in his behavior and let the kid wallow in his own misery instead of berating him and talking to him like he’s dirt. I really don’t understand some people in the field of education. It’s like they’re just bullies and they relish holding something over a kid’s head and berating them. You know they wouldn’t talk to another adult that way because they’d get the crap beat out of them but they think it’s okay to do it to a kid.

10:00 – And so it begins…the love/hate relationshop with the garden hose. First time this year that I’ve had to water and it took forever and got me cussin. Of course, it was all tangled up. So, I spent forever getting it untangled. Started pulling it out to the far corner of the yard and it caught on a lawn chair. Put it down and went to move the lawn chair and then waded back out to the front end of it and watered the moonflower seedlings. Moved to a hanging planter and the weight of the water brought the planter crashing down. Turned off the water and spent 15 minutes trying to salvage the planter and redo the flowers in it. Went back to the faucet and turned the water back on and moved to the other side of the yard but the hose hung up on a stepping stone so I went back and pulled it over the stone. Watered another flower bed and went to water behind the spa but the hose wouldn’t reach because I had pulled it around a tree. Had to walk back around the tree and pull the hose around the other side of it but it hung up on a root so I had to drop it and go pull it off the tree roots. I could go on but you get the picture. I’ve got this thing about hoses and cords. They make me crazy. Wish I had the money to put a sprinkler system in. And what’s the deal with electrical cords anyway? You mean to tell me in this day and age no one can figure out how to have wireless electricity?

1:45 – Okay.  I’m done.  DH and I are going incommunicato for a couple of days and heading up to Belterra in the RV.  Have a fantastic weekend, Chicklets!


brseay says 23rd May @ 22:15

It breaks my heart to hear about “T’s” situation. You’re right, some people in education are pure bullies. Would talking to the other AP who has compassion for “T” be helpful?

What a wonderful honor for Andrew! I understand your concerns; it’s so hard to balance his work ethic w/the reality of his disability. How do you think he would handle it if for some reason he wasn’t able to be successful during the school year? His reaction to the worst case scenario might help you to make up your mind.

Aren’t insurance companies wonderful??? It would be so much cheaper for the company to send someone to her house a few times a day to help her than put her in a nursing home. We were finally able to get a program to pay for a nurse to come and take care of Kyle instead of having him hospitalized frequently throughout the year b/c he got sick at daycare. It wasn’t our insurance, though, they continued to deny it. Frustrating.

Enjoy the weekend. Maybe Manny can run over a garden hose on the trip.

Joy says 25th May @ 7:21

You must be so proud of Andrew! This would be a great chance for him although I understand your concerns about this. Maybe a sit down chat on his expectations on what the experience will be like will give you a better idea??

Oh your poor sister! I am so sorry that she is going through all of this. Insurance companies (please excuse my mouth) SUCK!!!! I hope that your sister can find a way around their red tape to get the help that she really needs.

“T” has a wonderful advocate in you and the GOOD AP. I pray that he can work through this and find his direction. It doesnt help to have a (please excuse my mouth again) A-hole for a AP! That AP should work in a prison and not a school with children who need help and understanding with patience . The way he (AP)reacts only serves for fan the flames.
Have a wonderful time patty!!

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