Got lots of yardwork going on today.  I bought one of those Topsy Turvy tomato planters.  There isn’t one square foot of my yard that gets enough sun to grow tomatoes but I do get a fair amount of sunshine on one side of the patio.  I couldn’t find the topsy turvey so I took a regular hanging planter, cut a hole in the bottom, and planted a tomato plant in it last week.  Yesterday, I found one of the topsy turvies at K-Mart so I got another couple of tomato plants and I want to hang them up on the patio.

Yesterday, DH and I ran around all day.  I went to Habitat for Humanity but the pickings were slim.  Didn’t see Habitat guy anywhere.  The plants were very picked over and the prices were posted so there wasn’t much dickering goin on.  I decided to pass (for now).  I still want to get a couple of the flower beds cleaned out today and plant my moonflower seeds.

After Habitat, we returned the gold chain DH got me for Mother’s Day (Ummmmm…did he just put the money in his wallet?) and went to sell the gold and silver junk I pulled out of my jewelry box last week.  Got $547.00 for it.  Not bad (wait a minute…did he just put that money in his wallet, too?).  Came home to find TOTAL chaos going on.  Oldest DS was asleep and DGD, Holly, was running around the house, youngest DS (David) was here along with his two kids so I had both DS’s, the twins, Holly, Jake, Scout, DH and I.  David had been in the attic and dragged out a kazillion bottles of beer.  He used to collect them when he was in his twenties and has quite a collection.  I mean, QUITE a collection.  There must be seven or eight hundred cans or bottles of beer.  He decided to sell them and was pricing things on the internet.  He has Billy Beer (if anyone remembers Billy Carter) which isn’t worth much because everyone thought it would be a collector’s item someday.  He was in beer bottle Heaven most of the afternoon as he discovered one six pack that should bring $300.00 and another that’s supposed to be worth $200.00.  Me?  I don’t get into collecting much.  You’ve got to have the right item and the right buyer to do any good and I don’t have time for it.  Jake and Scout started getting restless so he finally headed home and left half the family room filled with beer bottles (“I promise, Mom, I’ll be back over early tomorrow to get this stuff out of your way”). 

We’re still waiting to hear about his job as catering supervisor for the school district.  He had another interview Wednesday but he didn’t think he handled it as well as he could have.  One of the questions was “How would you deal with an employee who wasn’t doing his job?”  DS said, “I’d fire him.”  I think they were looking for something like “I’d meet with him to discuss the problem and put him on notice and then document his performance and meet with him again in a month or so.  Assign someone to help him if he really didn’t understand what needed to be done and then take action if significant improvement didn’t occur.”  The other question that totally floored him was, “How would you market the catering service?”  Actually the food is terrible and horribly overpriced so none of the schools use the catering service.  DS didn’t know how to respond because traditional marketing techniques don’t work in that kind of environment.  You can’t place ads in the paper, the menu and recipes are set in stone, and you can’t give away food so people can try it.  Of course, he didn’t know that recipes can be changed if the changes are approved and he didn’t know that principals get to use funding from another source if they use the district’s catering service so it doesn’t come out of their school budget.  He said he really fumbled that question and remembers saying something to the effect of “I guess I would try to find out why it wasn’t successful and then try to remedy the situation.”  He said he felt pretty good about all the other questions but was totally unprepared for the one about marketing strategies.  He was pretty disappointed that he didn’t get a call on Friday but I’m still hoping.  The old supervisor is retiring so they know they can take their time.  DS is used to a more traditional interview where you interview on one day and the next day they’re calling to ask when you can start.  I know how bad he wants this position and I’m praying he’ll get it.  If he doesn’t get the job, I hope they have the courtesy to let him know, at least.  He’s been on pins and needles for two weeks now.

12:00 – Got the house as clean as it’s going to get today.  Still no sign of DS and I’m sick of looking at beer cans and bottles.  I think we should just throw a keg party without the keg and be done with it.

I need a challenge.  Last spring and summer, I was driven by a desire to hike to Lower Calf Creek Falls and it gave me incentive to keep on track because I really wanted to be able to complete that killer hike.  I wish I had some burning desire to do something like that this summer.  I’ve done most of the things I want to do except hike the Kalalau Trail on the Na Pali coast in Kauai, Hawaii.  It’s an eleven mile hike that climbs up the mountains and then drops down over and over with views of the beautiful coastline far below.  After hiking all day, you come to a beautiful beach where you spend the night and then return on the same trail the next day.  It’s supposed to be extremely difficult to do in one day so the secluded beach accommodates those who make it and gives a night’s rest to the sound of crashing waves before heading back the next day.

I know I won’t be hiking the Na Pali coast for several reasons: 

We used to spend a month in Hawaii every other year and I could NEVER get anyone to go with me on the hike and it was way too dangerous to do on my own.

We burned out on Hawaii after vacationing there at least six times over a 12 year period and decided we weren’t going back.  Changed our minds when DH’s aunt begged us to take her to Hawaii three years ago and it was a BIG mistake.  Won’t do that again.  (That’s another story for another time)  Suffice to say it was one of the most miserable vacations of our lives and finished the total burnout for Hawaii.

Now I’m too old and I don’t think my ankles would be flexible enough to climb those narrow mountain goat trails anyway.

So….that leaves me with…what?  Where’s the challenge?  What’s my next big adventure going to be?  I wish I could find some totally fabulous hike that would drive me this summer but we’re just going to our place in northern Florida and, other than canoeing down the Suwannee (which DH is totally opposed to), I don’t know of anything I’d want to do.  Anyone got any ideas?


brseay says 18th May @ 13:14

I remember driving through Louisville one time that it was really hilly. Is there a hike that you could take every week and set a goal of improving your time by a certain amount? Maybe hike it the 1st week and work to shave 10% off the time. Definitely not as glamorous as the hike in Hawaii (I’ll go w/you if you need someone!!!) but something that will allow you to check your progress.

WTG on the money for the jewelry. Make sure to dig it out of hubby’s wallet 🙂

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