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Scentstorie, that is….I love my scentstories machine.  Febreze came out with them a few years ago and I bought three.  They hold scented discs that rotate through the machine at half hour intervals for 2 1/2 hours.  The discs were only five bucks or so and I bought a couple each month.  Went to bed each night to the gentle white sound of my scent stories with the fragrance lulling me to sleep.  Febreze stopped carrying the discs rather quickly and I was quite put out to have all these machines and no way to get new discs.  Then, Yankee Candle Company started carrying them…at $10.00 each.  I buy one every now and then and use it until there’s barely a whiff of fragrance left.  When there’s not much left in the disc, I toss it in my nightstand drawer.  Don’t know why.  Maybe because the day frequently comes when I change one barely scented disc for another barely scented disc in hopes that I tossed one into the drawer before it was used up. 

This morning, I decided to go on e-bay and see if I could get them any cheaper.  Fat chance.  They’re a couple of bucks cheaper but then you have to pay shipping.  I did a sort to arrange them from lowest price to highest and the first item was for instructions on how to reuse the old discs.  Figured I couldn’t go wrong for $3.99 so I ordered them.  Ten minutes later, the instructions were sent to my e-mail.  I followed them and couldn’t believe how easy it was to redo the discs!  I have quite a few scented soy candles and I scooped out a dab of the wax, put it in the containers, and popped the tops back on.  Wheeeee!!!!  My discs are renewed and I can use my scentstories whenever I want!  I’ve spent the last hour gathering candles and filling my old discs.  Doesn’t take much to make me happy!


brseay says 16th May @ 15:03

I love a bargain! Another good website for searching for things is froogle.com It gives you the results by price.

Has your son heard anything about the job yet?

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