I’m getting pretty tired of testing.  Every day for two weeks.  And, I’m tired of these awful gray and navy tee shirts and jeans.  It makes me feel sloppy.  I’ve got to admit, however, that it sure makes it easy to get ready in the mornings.  “shall I wear the gray tee shirt with navy words or the navy with gray words?  decisions, decisions..”

Thanks, Joy and Brandie, for being so understanding.  I promise to keep up with things a lot better over the summer.  Don’t know about August, Brandi, because we have to be back at work on August 3rd.  Not even two months off.


Joy says 15th May @ 7:06

Well at least it is Friday. Now you can look forward to the weekend. DO NOT dare bring any work home. You need to relax!! I am so bossy. LOL Take care

firefly says 15th May @ 10:24

Sounds like you need some great RED accessories! You’re in the final countdown. We still have a month of school here. Don’t get out til June 11th (thank goodness! LOL!!)

brseay says 15th May @ 13:05

Do all of the kids test for 2 weeks or do you just test all of the over a 2 week period since you have the computers? I have three days of testing that I have to proctor 3 different times each year and I about go crazy from boredom.

August 3, huh? I wish we started earlier (it’s usually about Aug 25th) but not that early 🙁

beerab says 15th May @ 15:16

Ug I used to HATE those stupid tests growing up- I remember people would just fill in the bubbles without even looking at the questions- no wonder our school did so bad lol.

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