Only 16 more school days for the kids. Two additional ones for me. I can see the end (barely)…way down there after two weeks of statewide testing. Dressing is easy: jeans and another CATS tee shirt. We get a new one every year so I have quite a collection now. Today’s is a dingy grey with navy blue printing. “Excel! Go MTS! I’m ready for CATS so BRING IT ON!” Testing all this week and next week followed by a long weekend for Memorial Day, return for four days, another weekend and then back with the kids for three more days. It’s always difficult to deal with them this time of year. Things are so fragmented and they get pretty antsy. Had to call two parents yesterday. Love the rationale of one of the kids: “I didn’t say ‘Your mama’s a Ho’ I said ‘Your mama’s a whore!” Oh, well then, pardon ME!

Little sister goes in for another ankle surgery today. Family curse. I REALLY hope this one works for her. Following surgery, she’ll be stuck in a wheelchair for at least six months. Been there, done that but I’ve never had to stay in a wheelchair for more than three months. Gimp and gimpier, that us. Her genetic problem was compounded by a car wreck (sixteen year old drunk driver) about fifteen years ago that crushed her foot and ankle. She’s had even more ankle surgeries than I have but none of them have done much for her. This is supposed to be the granddaddy of all with one of the leading foot and ankle surgeons in the country. He’s redoing everything. I hope it works for her.


Joy says 12th May @ 7:08

I hope that your sisters operation goes well and that she heals fast so her time in the wheelchair is shorter than they expect.
18 days!!! woooohoooo! You must be so excited!
I am testing DS all next week (my own made up practice test). hen the week after that he is tested for real by a official tester. I hope yours goes well this week.
Have a wonderful day!!

beerab says 12th May @ 11:10

OUCH! I hope it goes well.

I’m counting down the days till I’m done with my class as well, I have total senioritis and I’m just taking one course for work lol!

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