I was going to write more yesterday but DS, DIL, and the grandkids came by. Instead, I did Mother’s Day stuff and wound up spending most of the day sorting out jewelry. I got a beautiful tanzanite necklace in Mexico last Christmas but the chain is too short. I thought it was okay but everytime I wear it, it annoys me. So I asked to have an extension put on the chain for Mother’s Day. Instead, DH bought me a new chain and I just about had a heart attack when I saw what he paid for it. Believe me, it’s getting returned today. I started looking through my jewelry to see if I already had a chain that would work and one thing led to another. I started several piles. Silver to sell, gold to sell, unknown stuff to sell, stuff to give DGD, Holly, and stuff to keep. I can’t believe how much stuff there is. I had tons of broken gold and silver chains and bracelets that I never got around to repairing and a bunch of stuff that I don’t know where it came from or what it is. Holly was in junk jewelry Heaven. I asked DH to call around today and find out where we should take it. I don’t know what to do with old chains that aren’t broken. I hate to sell them just for scrap when they’re not broken, I don’t want them, and I know Holly would lose them within a week. Remember add-a-bead necklaces? What about those sleek herringbone chains we wore in the 80s? Smooth as a ribbon until you caught them on something and then they got kinks that would never come out. I even had an old six unit dental bridge that DH had replaced twenty years ago. That’s a heavy hunk of gold!

Gotta run, didn’t do anything even remotely resembling dieting or exercise all weekend. sigh…when will I learn?

Oh, wait!  I almost forgot…Finally got my wedding rings back on after not wearing them for almost a year following removal of a cyst in my finger.  They were lying there, in my jewelry box, and I stared at them for a long, long time, tiny little rings, size 4 1/2.  I really am supposed to be little.  Small boned and petite.  My frame is NOT supposed to be carrying around 180 pounds and I really didn’t want to have my rings resized.  I’ve worn them for 40 years and it seemed like some kind of gesture to defeat to have them resized.  I took a deep breath, and forced them over my knuckle.  Surprise, surprise!  They slid right on.  Took another, deeper breath and tried to take them off and they came off just fine!  Yay!  Finally!


Joy says 11th May @ 6:45

Awww it sounds like you had a wonderful Mothers Day Pat. I am glad you deserve it.
Good idea about the gold! I have to dig through my stuff and see what I can come up with to sell.
Size 4 1/2???? My goodness your fingers are tiny!
20 days and counting. 🙂
Have a wonderful day Patty!

beerab says 11th May @ 10:39

That’s great!

I hear that turn in gold for cash company does silver as well, and from reviews online people have been satisfied with their services. 🙂

I mean if you aren’t going to wear them anymore does it really matter what happens to them?

grabthebull says 11th May @ 17:59

Aww what a delightful surprise to find your rings fitting on Monther’s Day!

firefly says 11th May @ 22:24

Sounds like you had a lovely Mother’s Day.

I am a fellow tiny fingered chicky – ring-finger is a size 4. Child-sized. I have long, thin “piano” fingers my teacher used to call them – cause even though I have small hands, I can stretch just over an octave.

Is there like an ebay for jewelry?

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