School’s out!

Just taking a second to blog.  The bell just rang and the weekend’s begun!  We had a terrible storm last night complete with thunder, lightning, torrential downpours, and wind.  I woke up at 4:00 to discover that the electric was out.  It’s really unusual when it goes out at my house.  I set the kitchen timer for another hour but there wasn’t any getting back to sleep with the storm.

The electric came back on around 5:00 but the internet and satellite didn’t.  Don’t know if it’ll be on when I get home so I’m taking a quick minute to blog even though THE BELL JUST RANG AND I’M FREE FOR THE WEEKEND!!

Thanks for the supportive comments about yesterday’s meeting!  Pitiful, Arrogant, Upchuck Lowlife called in sick today.  Coincidence?


firefly says 27th February @ 16:19

We had a similar storm here last weekend, my first night back from NYC and the same thing. Electricity went out for about an hour. I could NOT sleep. I could hear branches breaking and debris being blown around. By the time the power came back on, I was pretty freaked out. Only because every sound in the pitch dark is obviously someone breaking in to slaughter me and the kids. I blame this squarely on Stephen King.

Enjoy your weekend!!

susan says 27th February @ 16:47

I pictured you running out of the school building waving your hands over your head ~ Yippee!

Joy says 28th February @ 8:32

Hope that your sat./internet/power gets back on soon. Using a kitchen cooking timer! That is so smart! I would have never thought of that.
We got the top part of that storm with a TON of wind, not so much of the thunder though.
Have a WONDERFUL time this weekend!

Joy says 28th February @ 8:33

LOL OMGosh Firely LOL
You are so funny!

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