I requested a personal day for this coming Monday.  DH wants to use that other freebie room we have at Grand Victorian before it expires.  We get three personal days per year and I have one more left.  My old principal always said, “You don’t have to ask me for permission for a personal day.  You’re entitled to them.  Just email me and let me know when you’re taking one at least a day in advance so I know what’s going on.”  My new principal’s policy is that you have to request it and have her approve it.  I requested the day before Christmas break in September because we were taking that cruise and she kept me hanging on until the last minute.  Said she could only grant a personal day if no more than 10% of the staff were out.  I don’t like that.  If you request it early enough, she shouldn’t approve anyone ahead of you and there’s no way she can know if people are going to be out sick until the day comes so why doesn’t she just go ahead and approve it?  I requested it last Friday and still haven’t gotten approval.  Guess I’ll ask her again today.

Now, I’m going to take a shower, shake up my scales, and see what I weigh.

Oops!  Strike the entire first paragraph.  Just checked my email and she approved it.  Guess I’m taking a break and heading up to the casino Sunday afternoon.

12:00 – Just finished lunch.  I didn’t make it to the store yesterday so I still don’t have much to eat around the house that isn’t off limits.  Found a frozen Boston Market turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, and veggies Hearty Servings Entree.  I was shocked to see that it only had 360 calories.  Not too shabby…

5:45 – Doesn’t look like I’m going to get time to exercise this evening.  I have to make a huge pot of Vegetable Barley Soup (the recipe’s in My Favorite Recipes) for the potluck at school tomorrow.  I’ve got a massive stock pot and I’m going to be stirring and peeling and dicing for quite a while.  I have promised myself that I’ll go out and walk around the neighborhood before I go to bed, however.

Did good on food today.  Forgot that I was on a diet when I did ESS after school and I indulged in a bag of baked chips and a sugar-free Tropicana before it dawned on me.  I checked the labels and the chips were only 130 calories and the drink was 5 so I guess it won’t kill me. 

Now, back to the peeling, chopping, and stirring…


islandgrl says 25th February @ 7:52

Congrats on your personal day. Enjoy it..you so deserve it

brseay says 25th February @ 14:25

It’s awful when the higher ups make you jump through hoops for a benefit that is yours. Enjoy the day off…I love Mondays off way more than Fridays. There’s something about going to bed on Sunday night when you know you don’t have to get up early the next day 🙂

Joy says 26th February @ 8:50

Baked chips and sugar free punch is much better than a bag of cookies and full sugar soda right? You did great!
Dont worry about not working out. Your still on track.

inkheartmeg says 28th February @ 11:16

PTO (personal time off) is very difficult for my DH workplace. Then there’s EPTO (emergency). He tried to get the next 2 fridays off so he can take me and pick me up from the airport but no… ‘it wasn’t available’. Looks like I’m doing the park n fly or a cab for the first time. Weird.

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