Gonna be a long day. Teachers are working till 6:00 tonight. With all the days we’ve missed school, they’ve decided to have parent conference day take place from 2:30 to 6:00 tonight and tomorrow. Ugh, two back to back eleven hour work days. The kids would have been off today and teachers would have worked. Now, it’s a regular school day and teachers will stay until 6:00 tonight and tomorrow to get conference day in. Gonna be a long one. The PTA is fixing food for us. I don’t know what they’ll have but we won’t starve. I don’t have a clue about what to wear. I’ve got to look nice for the parents but I have to be comfy for the long day. Guess I should have thought about that yesterday.

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I was going to help the graphics department at school with an open house kind of thing? They’re finally going to try to do that tomorrow, too. I had to freeze all the ham, turkey, and buns. I got them out of the freezer last night and put them in the trunk of my car. Hope it’s all still good. I think the ham and turkey will be fine but I don’t know how the buns are going to be and I’m not going to be able to buy anymore. Hope I don’t have a couple hundred stale buns out there. I swear, we girls have more problems with our buns…

11:45 – Almost noon! Five hours down, six to go!

4:30 – The PTA gave us apples, oranges, potato chips, tortilla chips, salsa, veggies and dip, and cookies. You gotta be kidding?? I’m tired, I’m hungry, I need to go to the bathroom. 1 1/2 more hours. (sigh)

7:00 – Home.  Finally. Twelve and a half hours since I left for work this morning and I have to do it again tomorrow.  As soon as it’s a little bit darker, I’m going to go outside, strip off my clothes, and slide this poor old tired body into the spa.


Joy says 16th February @ 8:29

out of the flame and into the fire Pat. You just got well and now you have to pull crazy hours like that. I hope the hours fly by for you.
It will make your time next weekend all the sweeter.
Take care

shallweshrink says 16th February @ 12:42

Wow, that is a long day. Well, I hope everything goes well. I’m sure you can pull off cute AND comfy! Hello, you are like the fashionista of the group 🙂

And I want you to think back a few years… to when the boys were my boys ages… running is one of the FEW things I get to do ALONE! It’s like a break! ha.

susan says 16th February @ 17:58

May you have all happy cooperative parents visiting you tonight!

susan says 16th February @ 19:55

I gotta get me one of them!

(the SPA, not the poor tired old body ~ already got one of them.)

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