It’s alive!

Yesterday just about wiped me out. I can’t believe how sick I was. I vomited at least a dozen times. It got to the point where I was sucking on a piece of ice because I was so dehydrated but even a small drink of water would start the heaves again. My God, it was awful. I had chills, stomach cramps, and I spent much of the day heaving over the toilet bowl drenched in sweat. Then, as quickly as it had come, it was gone. I stopped vomiting around 1:00 yesterday afternoon, cramps stopped around 6:00 yesterday evening and chills were gone by 8:00. It was almost like I had food poisoning but no one else got sick and I didn’t eat anything different. I couldn’t figure out what was going on until DIL stopped by and told me she and DGD had the exact same thing earlier in the week. Today, my stomach feels like someone punched me!

Anyway, I do seem to be back among the living so I’m going to try to catch up on some of your blogs.

9:00 – Got about halfway caught up on blogs. Decided to take a break and do some blogging myself before getting back to it. Today is Valentine’s Day and the twins’ birthdays. Hard to believe they’re eighteen years old! My God! Where did the time go? They’ve lived with us for five years now and I still see them as little boys. Couldn’t get a straight answer from either about what they want for their birthdays so we decided to get each of them a charge card with $100.00 on it. Steven did say he’d like a new desktop computer. Fat chance, buddy. Maybe for graduation… We have five computers in the house and they’re all pretty good ones so he’s not exactly suffering.

DS says I’m starting to fill out my pants pretty good. Guess that’s a fairly simple way of saying I need to get back on my diet. Of course, I can feel the waistbands tightening so it’s not like it’s a surprise. I’m planning to get back to it after next weekend. I’ll have to get really organized and start keeping track of calories and working out again. I’ve gotten back into that couch potato routine.

Next weekend is the girl’s game weekend. Ten or twelve of us rent a cabin up in Indiana and tour wineries, eat, shop, eat, play games, eat, and party all weekend. Last year was the first year I was invited and the first year they rented Moonstraka cabin. The requirements? You have to be invited by one of the group and you have to be a strong, independent woman. Most of these women are career women with demanding jobs and they juggle work and family and hold responsible positions in the work force. No room for whiners or softies. I headed up there (about 90 miles) after work on Friday. We were supposed to drive to Nashville, Indiana, go down the road to Brown County Cabin Rentals, and pick up maps with our names on them in the mailbox. Shortly before I got off the interstate for Nashville, Sistah Pam called on my cell and said, “This is important! Call me back as soon as you get to the rental office to get directions! The ones they gave us are total crap!”

I got to the office (it was closed but I knew it would be) and the parking lot was on a slope and covered with ice. I slipped and slid over to the mailbox and got my envelope and then made my way back to the car. I called Pam and she said, “The directions………no sense…….took forever….red barn…..fork in road.”

I said, “Pam, I can’t understand you. You’re breaking up really bad.”

“write down….important……right hand turn…write this down….children playing.”

“I’m trying to get it, Pam, but I’m only getting little snippets. Tell me again!”

“no sense……impossible……..fork in road……..12 miles…..red barn….dog………watch out……….sign…..signal…………children…….90 degree turn……….bridge…….yellow…..hill.”

“Okay, Pam, I got it. See you in a few minutes.” I mean, really, what was the sense in continuing? I had the directions from the real estate office. I figured she was trying to tell me that they were really vague but I’ve got a pretty good sense of direction so I figured I’d get there eventually. It was just getting dark and snow was falling when I pulled back out onto the road. The directions read something like this:

“Proceed five miles down the highway to the center of Nashville. Turn left on Main Street and follow it until you come to the sharp ninety degree turn in the road. Take the road that leads off to the left at the curve. Follow this road until you come to the red barn on the right. Turn right about half a mile after the barn. Follow this road to the sign that says Children Playing. Turn right and go over the bridge and then follow the road until you come to the fork in the road. Bear left and follow the road up the hill. You will see the cabin on the left.”

Okay, sounded easy enough. I went to the center of town and then turned left onto Main Street. Next, I had to watch for the ninety degree curve and take a left. I drove, and drove, and drove. The entire road was curvy and twisty and snow covered. I drove for around ten miles and then got to thinking that I must have missed the ninety degree curve. I pulled over to get the directions out and call Pam. There wasn’t any signal and my phone was worthless so I gave another look at the directions. I was reading them again when a ranger pulled up beside me and said, “Are you okay?”

I said, “Yes, I’m fine, but I think I’m lost. I’m looking for Moonstraka cabin.”

He said, “I never heard of it but there are a lot of cabins around here.”

I said, “Well, I was supposed to get on Main Street back in Nashville and then follow it to the ninety degree curve and make a left.”

He said, “I think I know where you’re talking about. Follow me. I’m going to go up here and we’re going to come to a sharp curve where I’m going to stay on this road and you turn left when I stop and signal for you to do so. I’m not familiar with Moonstraka but there are all kinds of cabins up there. It must be one of them.”

Okey, dokey! No problemo! I followed him for three or four miles and we came to a sharp curve. It didn’t look any different from the thirty or forty curves I’d already passed but he stopped and stuck his arm out the window and pointed left and I honked my horn, waved, and turned left. Next step was to look for a red barn on the right. Of course, it was pitch dark by then and I was trying to figure out how I was going to tell if the barn was red but, at this point, I decided any old barn would do. I followed the road and it got extremely narrow and began to climb up into steep hills. I passed turnoffs for the Girl Scout camp, the Boy Scout camp, the 4-H camp, and the Christian Fellowship Camp but they were all dark and deserted. I doubt if the Girl Scouts go out in the boonies in the middle of February to go camping. The snow kept falling and the road climbed steadily uphill as I began to slip and slide and I decided that I’d better turn around and get out of there as soon as I found a place wide enough. The road narrowed and narrowed until it became a single lane gravel tract with embankments on both sides. I kept driving and driving and didn’t come to any place where I could turn around. I thought about backing up (for ten miles?  in the snow?) and knew that wasn’t possible.   I was forced to keep crawling along, up one hill and down another.  All the time going further and further when all I wanted to do was turn around and go in the other direction. I finally came to a place where a gravel road turned off and I backed in and got turned around. I headed back down the road and, at the top of a hill, my car decided to go sledding. I couldn’t stop it. I just sat there, powerless, as it slid down the hill, the rear end slowly swiveling around and sliding off the road and coming to a stop right at the edge of the embankment. Sh8t!!!

I got out my cell phone and there still wasn’t any signal. I sat there for a minute scanning in all directions but I couldn’t see any lights or any signs of civilization. I got out of the car and walked to the back of it to take a look. The embankment was about four feet deep. My rear tires were right up to the edge and my car was angled with the rear end lower than the front. Given gravity, I figured it was more likely than not that it would finish the slide down into the embankment rather than pull up the rise and back onto the road. I stood there for a minute, the snow softly falling around me and the moonlight bathing the woods in a serene halo of light, and comtemplated my predicament. The longer I comtemplated, the more depressed I became. I looked at my watch. It had been more than an hour and a half since I’d left town. An hour and a half, by car, since I’d seen any real civilization and had a signal for my phone. An hour and a half and the only other vehicle I had seen on the road had been a forest ranger who led me into this God forsaken camping area and then took off for parts unknown. Standing there in my heels with the snow slowly melting around my ankles, I didn’t feel like a strong, independant woman. I felt like a total idiot and wanted to call my hubby to come and get me.  I kept wondering how in the Hell I had gotten to this point. I took stock of my position. Cell phone doesn’t work but I have a suitcase in the trunk with lots of warm clothes and a pair of boots. I have a pot of loaded potato soup and two bags of gourmet cookies and a couple bottles of wine. I guess I could put on some warm clothes, eat some cold soup and get drunk. Other than that, there was only one thing to do. I knew I had to get back in the car and try to pull it out. I didn’t want to think any further ahead. Just pull the car back onto the road. The thought entered my head that a Lincoln Towncar was not really the right vehicle to do this but I quickly put that thought out of my mind and got back in the car. I kicked off my heels, pulled a pair of socks out of my suitcase and put my foot on the pedal. I slowly gave it gas. Gentle…gentle…slow and easy...I held my breath and I felt it pull up and move forward a little bit. Slow..slow…easy…an inch at a time, I eased it up the slope and back onto the road and then, shaking like a leaf, I began to crawl the rest of the way down the hill. I decided that I would follow the tract back to where it began, go back the way I had come and not stop for ANYTHING until I came to civilization. It seems like I drove forever and I was still telling myself to breath deep, keep moving, and focus on nothing but getting back to town when I saw it. A sign that said, “Watch for Children Playing”. I stopped and looked around. Sure enough, right up the road was a bridge. I turned and, soon enough, I saw the cabin. I parked my car, walked into the cabin where the other ladies were heating up homemade soup, playing cards and wolfing down exotic appetizers and said, “I need a drink.”

This year, I think I’ll ride with someone.

6:30 – Just got back from taking the twins out for their birthday dinner.  Their favorite – Golden Corral. Steven ate all white and Andrew ate all fried.  It’s their birthdays so I didn’t bitch.  Steven had big, fluffy yeast rolls, baked potato, steamed rice, and noodles.  Andrew had fried chicken, fried shrimp, french fries, and onion rings.  Gads!  How can they eat that crap??  I had a pretty tasty piece of grilled steak, a salad, baked potato and a piece of chocolate chess pie.  They threatened to burn me at the stake if I told the restaurant staff it was their birthdays.  So I did, of course.  They got the singing waiters and waitresses and a couple of cupcakes with GOBS of icing and gummy bears stuck in them.  (hee, hee)  Just what a couple of 18 year olds want.


2dogs1lady says 14th February @ 9:11

Jumpin’s woman, that sounded painful! Some strange virus? Thank heavens you feel better today! TAKE IT EASY though. Do not jump into anything energy sucking etc. You need to re-coupe to keep healing…drink fluids..eat veggies and fruits..and make d/h take care of you!!!

shallweshrink says 14th February @ 12:39

I felt like I was reading a James Patterson novel! Scary stuff!

I hope this year is a little less exciting… at least the getting there part! ha!

susan says 14th February @ 14:46

It’s a good thing Annie Wilkes from Stephen King’s novel, “Misery” didn’t find you and haul your azz off to hobble you. Thanks for a good story!

Glad you’re feeling better. Your DIL… from whence all good things come…

patty says 14th February @ 14:49

It was the other DIL. Neither one of them are worth a nickel.

grabthebull says 14th February @ 14:53

LOL re: Susan’s comment. You could’ve been hobbled.


inkheartmeg says 14th February @ 18:19

Glad you’re over that stomach virus. Thanks for a great read. Hopefully this years moonstraka visit will go more smoothly. I loved the pictures of the cabin. How exciting.

islandgrl says 15th February @ 5:46

Glad to hear you are feeling better, lots of that 24 hour virus going around.
WOW…is all I can say….I was biting my nails just reading about your adventure in the cold wilderness…glad you are safe….I would have had a double 🙂

Joy says 16th February @ 8:24

Ohhhh Pat ! You and your tummy sound like they have been through the wringer! I am glad you are getting well. Feel better!

Man alive that is a scary story. I would have curles up into a ball and cried. Found later frozen that way!! LOL

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