Bama or Bust!

It’s 5:30 – obviously, we’re not going to be hitting the road at 4:00.  DH is still packing.  Me?  I’m ready!  Will write this evening from the hotel in Mobile, Alabama!  Have a good one, chickies!

8:00 – Arrived in Mobile at 4:00 this afternoon.  We hit rain and wind all the way to Birmingham and then the sun came out and the temperature jumped up to 78 degrees.  Beautiful weather!  We made good time.  DH drove 2 1/2 hours, I drove 2 hours, DH did another two hours, and I finished up the last three hours.  Little Sister’s staying at a B&B just a couple miles from our hotel.  I talked to her and we’re meeting up in the morning before we embark.  I managed to pack a ton of clothes by opening up the expansion zipper on my suitcase.  So far, I seem to have everything I need.  Don’t think I forgot anything.  Don’t know when I’ll blog again.  I may sign on one day during the cruise.  If not, I’ll blog everyday and post them later. 

Have a fabulous Christmas, girls!


Joy says 19th December @ 7:41

IT is finally here! Your leaving on your wonderful trip! I am so glad for you . I hope that you have safe travels and a wonderful time. Take care God bless and have a wonderful Merry Christmas!

shallweshrink says 19th December @ 11:19

Have a wonderful trip, dearie!!!

susan says 19th December @ 22:53

the expansion zipper? Is THAT what that thingie’s for? Hee-hee~ I don’t travel too much now do I?

Here’s to a fabulous trip ~ a well-earned escape, and a Merry Christmas under a warm sun.

hveeck says 19th December @ 23:16

Have a wonderful vacation!! and merry christmas

anngirl says 20th December @ 0:18

Have a fantastic vacation!!!!

brseay says 20th December @ 19:42

How wonderful that you’re officially on vacation. And 78 degrees, I don’t think it gets any better. We’re under a blizzard watch here. When I can get out of the house I’m going to hit the tanning bed and pretend I’m with you 🙂

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