Last day!

This time tomorrow, I hope to be hitting the road.  I feel much better this morning than I did yesterday.  I suffered through the cold symptoms and didn’t take any medicine.  I may be sneezing and stopped up but I’m not lying on the floor this morning.  I have to get through this last easy day at work.  Need to leave a lesson for my sub tomorrow.  Still have some packing to do.  It’s not easy packing for two weeks and three different climates/settings in one suitcase.  I told DH that shoes don’t count.  I need a separate bag for my shoes.  He and the boys still have empty suitcases sitting in the living room looking neglected.  I guess they’ll be going nuts this evening trying to get everything ready.

Gonna try to check in with some of you guys and see what’s going on…


Joy says 18th December @ 7:32

Wooohooo! It is almost here! Plus your feeling better! I say it is good that you had the cold when you did rather than having it set in ON your vacation. Thanks for the blog titles. They are great. Will you be blogging from the ship?
Have a great/short day at work!

susan says 18th December @ 10:45

Hope your last day at school is festive and fun,
A suitable send off for your days in the sun.
May all your packing be successful,
And finding room for shoes not too stressful.
May your drive down be smooth and a breeze,
With not too many stops at ol’ Micky D’s.
When you board your ship and don your capris,
And say to the Steward, “A glass of wine please”,
Raise a toast to the Fat Chicks and drink deep & long,
To all us fat wimins, good wine and a (bong? song? dong? thong?)

Have a great time & bring back funny stories!

patty says 18th December @ 17:01

I don’t know what the last line should be, Susan, but there’s no way we’re doing anything with a thong!

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