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dizzy, vomiting, passing out…What a nice way to start the day. This cold is really getting the best of me. I was so miserable yesterday evening that I actually went to bed at 7:30. Sometimes, Dayquil can have a really bad affect on me and I took some before I went to bed. Guess I’m a pretty cheap drunk. Two dayquil and I’m falling all over the place.

Going to bed at 7:30 means I woke up at 3:30. I have to make corn casserole for the potluck at school today and I got up and came into the kitchen. Blood pressure bottomed out and, the next thing I knew, I was sitting at the table with my head between my knees trying not to slide out of the chair and under the table. At that point, the nausea hit and I was so dizzy I could barely make it to the bathroom. Nice “good morning” for DH who comes into the bathroom to find me sitting on the floor, hugging the bowl, and dry heaving. He’s never had his blood pressure bottom out and it scares him when it happens to me. Of course, I know I’ll be fine as soon as it passes but he keeps trying to get me to stand up and I’m too dizzy to move. I’m sweaty and pale as a ghost and I just want to hang onto the commode to keep the room from spinning. Then the poor man actually thinks he’s going to carry me. Are you kidding? Lifting from the floor, no less. Why does he have a problem with me sitting on the floor hanging over the commode? I don’t know…maybe he had to pee. Anyway, long story short, I’m okay now. A couple cups of coffee and a couple cigarettes and my blood pressure is up again. Still a little shaky but that’s what cold medicine does to me. Anyone else have this problem?

Been up a couple of hours, fried up 2 pounds of bacon, diced 4 onions and sauteed them, and added ten cans of corn and two cartons of sour cream. I have enough corn casserole for an army. All I have to do now is put it in a crock pot and get ready for work. Today is definitely going to be a comfort day. Scrunched hair, block heeled boots, brown cords, knit top, and a brown denim jacket. Gotta be low maintenance today.

Btw…called Little Sister last night to make sure she got into Mobile and she’s still at home. She decided to wait until today when the weather is better.

4:00 – Home at 4:00 again! Actually, I was home at 3:00. Can you believe it? Dropped the boys off, went to the pharmacy and picked up hormone refills and blood pressure refill, went by the produce market and picked up lots of Satsuma mandarins, comice pears, Sonya apples, Indian River red grapefruit, and fruit gems. Filled four gift bags with fruit, papershell pecans, and fruit gems for friends at work. Did all that and it’s still only 4:00!

Still feel like crap in the cold department but I’m NOT taking anymore cold medicine. Instead, I’m going to start packing. I think warm tropical breezes are just what the doctor ordered. Guess I’ll call little Sister in a while and see if she’s in better weather. Hopefully, she’s almost to Mobile by now.

Making a list, checking it twice, gotta have clothes for naughty and nice…

2 bathing suits
one pair of jammies (suitable for exposure to grandson’s in tiny cabin and brother in New Orleans)
one pair of yellow walking shorts – 1 pair of orange capris – 1 orange and yellow jacket
12 pair of undies
4 bras
2 old pair of jeans, 2 tank tops, 2 old tee shirts for cutting grass in Florida
5 pair of sandals/flip flops, 2 pair of athletic shoes, 2 pair of Barbie’s (red and purple), 1 pair of black heels
1 dressy black pant suit
1 dressy pair of trousers, red blouse, black and red jacket
2 pair of shorts
2 pair of capris
plum jacket
and a partridge in a pear tree.

My suitcase is getting full and I still need some more blouses and tops.  I need another bag for shoes.  Called little sister…she’s spending the night in Montgomery, Alabama.  She’s only 2 1/2 hours from Mobile and didn’t want to push herself so she’s snuggled up in a hotel room.  Says it’s 77 degrees.


Joy says 17th December @ 7:38

You poor thing! I feel so bad for you! I hope that you feel better and get better VERY soon!
Did you know that they have cold medicine for people with Diabetes and high blood pressure? You have to go to a really good large drug store and ask the pharm. I have to use it for my diabetes for the same reason. There is only one on the market and it costs and arm and a leg however it is well worth it. Feel better!

brseay says 17th December @ 16:15

I know it’s a pain to get set up for a sub but sometimes you need to stay home!! I’m sending a bunch of healthy vibes your way so that you’re over this before your trip.

susan says 17th December @ 17:52

I wonder if it’s too late for you to take Zicom. It’s supposed to shorten the duration of a cold. I haven’t tried it because I’m too cheap to part with the $11.

Brseay has a good point.

Hey, did you make that Challah bread?

angela says 17th December @ 18:24

oh my so sorry to hear you were sick! and glad to hear you’re feeling better!! That is pretty scary!! I would’ve called out to my bf crying..lol..i’m a wuss!

hveeck says 17th December @ 22:46

sorry you are feeling lousy! my bp bottomed out last week with my allergic reaction!! i feel for you. Its no fun 🙁

Joy says 18th December @ 7:30

Ahhhhhhh 77 deg.!!! I am so green with envy!!!!

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