October Sky

I woke up at 6:00 and went out to the spa. The weather’s weird. It’s a full moon, and the sky is weird. Although it’s cold, it’s not terrible and there was a pretty hefty breeze stirring everything up. I floated around in the spa and watched the black limbs of the trees against a full moon with those stringy clouds racing across the sky. The neighbors had some tree damage from Ike in September and they must have pocketed the insurance money instead of fixing the tree. It has several broken branches way up high and they were creaking and groaning in the breeze. It felt like an October night instead of December. You know the kind. Sat out there until the sky became streaked with vivid oranges and purples and then decided I’d better come in before I gave the neighbors a different kind of full moon.

I’ve had a lot of pressure on me lately. My regular job, plus the staff Christmas party, plus the newsletter, plus the craft fair for ROTC. Now that all that’s behind me, I feel like a tremendous weight has been lifted. I only have one more obligation for school. The booster club asked me to pick up a Christmas present for Sarge and Major. I don’t have a clue what to get them. I said I’d get a sweater but the prez said, “Don’t get that! We usually get them something like a nice pen set or a desk set.” I said I’d look for one and he said, “No, you can’t get that because they already have nice ones that we bought them from before.” (sigh) Anyway, I have NO pressing obligations for school and feel like I can relax a little bit, take care of Christmas for my family, and pack for the cruise.

Christmas shopping…We always get premium triple A memberships for both DS’s. I usually throw in a couple of token gifts as well. Sounds kind of cheesy, I know, but those memberships are not cheap and they use the heck out of them. Grandkids…Of course, the twins gift is the cruise but we’ll have to throw in some spending money. Jake and Scout are getting a Wii for Christmas so we’re getting them a couple of games for it. Holly is always difficult to shop for. She loves clothes but she’s hard to fit and, when I buy her nice things, I never see them again. I don’t know what happens to them. Still, I guess that’s the route to go for her. Ughh…I don’t want to think about it anymore. Maybe I’ll make a list later on today.

Little Sister called yesterday. She’s leaving for Mobile on Tuesday. I don’t like her driving down by herself so soon after her surgery but she says that’s why she wants to go so early. She has a reservation at a Bed and Breakfast just 11 blocks from the pier from Wednesday through Friday. I still wish she’d wait and leave with us on Friday so we could help her with the driving. Our plan is to drive to Mobile on Friday (9 hrs.) and spend the night in a motel. Saturday morning, we drive to the pier and embark. We’ll be on the cruise five days and will arrive back in Mobile Christmas morning. At that point we’ll leave and drive a couple of hours to New Orleans to spend Christmas day with my brother and his family. We’ll leave New Orleans on the 26th and drive to our place in Florida where we’ll spend a week and then head home. Little Sister is going to spend three days in Mobile, go on the cruise, go to New Orleans with us and spend another week or so there before driving home.

Sunday paper is finally here. Let’s see what’s on sale!

5:30 – Baking Challah bread and simmering soup for dinner.  Little Sister told me that she doesn’t want to go  to the formal dining on the cruise.  I’m a little disappointed in that but I can live with it.  DH doesn’t like to dress up when we’re on vacation and has no desire to get in formal dress for dinner when there’s a fantastic buffet where he doesn’t have to worry about what kind of wine to order or what kind of fork to use.  Ditto for the twins.  I figured Little Sister and I would be the only ones sitting at the captain’s table but she says she doesn’t have a formal dress or cocktail dress that fits at the moment and doesn’t want to buy one.  So…I guess I won’t wear (or even take) my new slinkly midnight blue dress with the silver banding on the empire waist and the little bolero jacket that goes with it.  No high heels or sequined shiny brown velvet dress either.  (sigh…)  Probably just as well.  It makes it easier to pack but I can’t help wondering if I’m ever going to get to wear either of these beautiful dresses.


round says 14th December @ 14:34

Glad the obligations are almost over, then you can focus on getting xmas done, and then maybe, just maybe, you’ll have a little time for yourself???

You are a courageous lady to be up at 6am and braving cold air for the hot tub — I think I’d be more likely to choose to run a bath in my warm house several hours later…

patty says 14th December @ 14:57

That’s true, Sarah, but where’s the fun in that? I can’t get sleet in my hair and ice in my eyebrows in the bathtub…

brseay says 14th December @ 21:32

I actually feel more relaxed now that your hectic week is behind you. I bet the spa was fantastic.

As far as wearing your fancy dress, why not invent an opportunity to wear one? Find a great restaurant in your area and make some reservations or even make a fancy dinner at home. It sounds beautiful and I bet it will look even better laying in a pile on the bedroom floor 😉

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