Once upon a December

I was driving home yesterday and snow flurries were swirling all around me. That song by Anastasia “Once upon a December” popped into my head and it’s been there ever since. Love that line, “Horses prance through a silver storm”. I want to prance on out of here and set sail for Mexico. This time next week, we’ll be getting ready to board. I’m going to spend the weekend getting packed because we’re heading for Mobile, Alabama early next Friday morning and I know time will get away from me once Monday morning rolls around. I’m going to get four big suitcases out today and we each get ONE. Another for toiletries and odds and ends. That’s it. The twins wear weird stuff and this will give me a chance to monitor their packing. By “weird stuff” I mean that they don’t really get into clothes. They change clothes at least three times a day but they don’t wear anything except their school clothes (navy shirts, white shirts, light blue shirts, gray shirts, taupe pants, black pants, and navy pants). In fact, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to even get them to wear shorts or jeans. At seventeen years old, you’d think they’d be all over the latest trends but they could care less. If I don’t keep an eye on the packing, they’ll each have 15 pairs of long khaki pants, 15 polos, and 20 pairs of underwear.

Bad news for the graphics department. Yesterday was their deadline for getting the newsletter out and they weren’t able to do it. Not even close. Our principal was NOT happy. They said they needed 7 working days (which is actually pretty ridiculous) and then, after 9 working days, they had to tell her they weren’t going to be able to get it out. Seems like a piece of equipment broke down but she wasn’t very sympathetic because it broke down on the 8th day and it was a piece of equipment that’s involved very early in the printing process so that part should have been done last week. We wound up taking plain white ledger paper, lining up all four sheets on the copy machine, getting a master and then running 2,000 copies. Of course, it looked like we’d taken all four pages, lined them up, and run them through a copier. Not the way we want to showcase our graphics department to the community. At any rate, the newsletters went out yesterday afternoon even though they weren’t what she wanted. It’s really frustrating…why did I write the thing on my own time over the long Thanksgiving weekend? Because I wanted to make sure they got their full 7 days to get it printed. I could have written it on school time and just made copies since that’s what we wound up doing. Principal says we’re going to do something different next time. They’ve had two opportunities to publish the newsletter and have failed miserably both times. Glad my part was done correctly and on time. Wouldn’t want to be in the graphics department.

Mindless rambling this morning….DS made (believe it or not) half a kitchen trash bag full of reindeer poop yesterday evening and I need to bag it all up in sandwich bags, put each sandwich bag in a cute little Christmas bag, and attach a tag. Guess I ought to get busy. I said I’d be at the craft fair at 9:00 to help out and it’s already 7:00.

3:00 – Got to the craft fair at 8:30 and got stuck there until 2:00.  The woman who was supposed to show up at 12:00 to relieve me got there and I was busy.  I was upstairs heating up a bunch of meatballs and, when I came back down about 15 minutes later, the kids told me she left.  What???  They told me her son said he was bored and didn’t want to stay and she said okay and they left.  What is wrong with people?  I swear!  Granted, there were about 5 or 6 kids minding the booth but someone has to supervise them.   So, I stayed till the next parent came in at 2:00.  These are good kids and they’ll pretty much do what you tell them but you have to tell them and watch them.

So, anyway, around 11:00, we’re all getting hungry and we discover that there’s no food at the craft fair.  Oh, there’s homemade fudge, cotton candy, reindeer poop, and homemade cookies but there’s no food.  So I get the bright idea of running around the corner from the school and picking up a couple bags of meatballs at GFS.  170 in a bag for $6.99 and a can of barbecue sauce so we can sell something resembling food.  I run to my room and give the kids a crock pot to set up and then I start heating meatballs and sauce in my microwave.  After I’d heated up about 50 of them, I sent them back to the craft fair and the kids popped them in the crock pot.  I told them to sell them for $.25 each or 5 meatballs for a dollar.  They’re selling faster than I can get them microwaved and then I find out that one of the kiddos misunderstood me and she’s selling them for $.25 each or nine for a dollar!  That’s what I mean about having to keep an eye on them.  Anyway, that’s what I was doing when the other mom showed up for her shift.  I ran to my room to heat up some meatballs, came back about 15 minutes later, and she had left.  Now that I’ve done the craft fair, I know what to expect next year.  I was surprised at how many booths there were and how many people showed up.  You couldn’t find a parking spot in our entire parking lot.  I’ll probably still be working with the ROTC next year and I’m going to suggest we sell food.  Everyone who had a booth was leaving and coming back with McDonalds.  If we could sell plate lunches of a sandwich, chips, and a pickle, we could make a killing.  Hot food would go over even better.  Something to remember for next year.


hveeck says 13th December @ 8:17

raindeer poop eh? sounds yummy 😀
enjoy your trip, wish i was going somewhere.

susan says 13th December @ 8:39

Jeeze, what are they using, the Gutenberg?

I’m thinking “Staples” or some such copy center for the next issue. Or monks.

Good Luck and many sales to the ROTC!

round says 13th December @ 14:56

hope your principal is able to follow through on some sanctions for the graphics dept – sounds like they expected to get away w it, that you’d find another solution (which you did)

That’s a lot of reindeer poop!

shallweshrink says 13th December @ 19:57

I LOVE that song!! Although, I have been singing it since I read it, and I may not love it in a few hours 🙂

Sorry your “relief” was such a gomer!! A commitment to something isn’t absolved by boredom. Sheesh!!

susan says 13th December @ 20:50

Hummm, maybe a hot dog roller (I think you can rent ’em at a rent-a-center), or a battalion of crock pots with sauerkraut & hot dogs. Love your entrepreneur mind!

Now, just sit back and count the days, Patty, count the days…

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