7:15 – I feel like crap. Started feeling bad yesterday. Coughing and sneezing. Aching. My arm is still hurting. I’m supposed to be at an all day training today so I had to make arrangements for my students. Got home around 6:30 yesterday evening and just plain crashed. DS made and brought me dinner and I just took some cold medicine, curled up in bed and slept. I did a lot of coughing and tossing and turning and I rolled over once and let out a shriek from the arm. That clinched it. I woke up this morning and decided that I have to go to the doctor. My students are taken care of, I wasn’t planning on being in the building today anyway, and I’d better take advantage of it and see what’s wrong with my arm. DS got the twins off to school and I just woke up. Now that I’ve decided to go, I wish the doctor’s office would hurry up and open but they don’t get there till 9:00.

8:58 – Okay, so I sat here and slurped enough coffee to get rid of the Nyquil hangover. I just tried the doctor’s office and the recording is still on. At least, I got to catch up with some of you chickies in the last couple of hours.

Thank you for calling our office. Our office is located at….our office hours are…..we will be offering a flu shot clinic on ….if you are a physician, please press 1, if you want to speak to billing, please press 2, if you are a pharmacy, please press 3, for directions to the office, please press 4, to schedule surgery, please press 5, to make an appointment, please press 6…If you are a patient of doctor A, press 1, if you are a patient of doctor B, press 2, if you are a patient of doctor C, press 3, if you are a patient of doctor D, press 4. To speak with Dr. D’s nurse, please press 1, to make an appointment with Dr. D, please press 2. We are currently assisting other patients at this time. Please stay on the line and we will be with you shortly….”jingle bells, jungle bells, jingle all the way”…Thank you for holding, please stay on the line and we will be with you shortly…..”Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh ay!” Thank you for holding, please stay on the line and we will be with you shortly…”jingle bells, jingle bells”….ring, ring, “Hi, you have reached Wendy, Dr. D’s receptionist. I’m not at my desk at this time but you may leave a voice message and I will return your call as soon as possible. Thank you!

Crap! Now I remember why I put this off so long…

2:15 – Home again. It wasn’t as bad as I thought. The doctor’s office called me back around 10:30 and told me to come in at 12:45. I was in by 1:00 and out by 1:30. Not bad. The cold is just that…a cold. He did a throat culture but says it doesn’t look that bad. Recommended rest and fluids and gave me a prescription for cough syrup which will most likely hit the round file. The arm was my main concern and I’m happy with the news. He says it’s a strain. As I understand it, the difference between a strain and a sprain is that there is no injury to the ligaments with a strain, just the muscle itself. He says it should heal pretty quickly if I STOP LIFTING STUFF! Heat, over the counter pain reliever, and rest should take care of it within a week or so. I told him I’m leaving on vacation in eight days and he says it should be fine by then. I PROMISE not to lift or carry anything on my right arm for the next week.

Now…I’m tired and I’m going back to bed for a while.  Btw…they made me weigh in.  168…It’s slowly creeping up…Cover my ears and sing “la, la,la,la,la”.  Not now…after the holidays…


susan says 11th December @ 8:42

Rx: Rest, sunshine, laughter.

Repeat as needed: “Nine days, nine days, nine days… “

fatnomo says 11th December @ 8:45

Patty, Patty! You are always going eleventy billion miles an hour in your head. Get your elbow to the doc, and take advantage of the down time. Even just waiting in the docs office. Take a book, take a breath, and know that the rest of the world can take care of it self for a day or two. Hope ur feeling better quick like. By the way. We had exact Sundays. I cleaned, hands and knees from 8:30am to 7:00pm. No stopping, sitting or rest. And then Boblian asked me if I was gonna treadmill. Had I smacked him when I wanted to, I would probably be sitting beside you with a funky elbow of my own! Dang men!

round says 11th December @ 9:23

Hope you feel better & get some clarity on what’s happening w the arm

Does sound to me like maybe you’re overdoing it – you are so busy!

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