Yucky Sunday!

Lot’s of cleaning going on today.  All the gross stuff.  Already scrubbed all the gray crud out of the sinks and tub from the water backing up.  DH had to rent a snake to clear it and found a bunch of paper towels blocking the line.  Who the Hell put paper towels down the toilet?????

While I was scrubbing, I decided to do the old “on my hands and knees with an old toothbrush” cleaning of the bathroom floor and then I decided to scrub all the walls in the hall, etc. etc.  DS is sitting on his lazy butt and had the audacity to say, “Why are you doing Christmas cleaning?  You won’t even be in the country for Christmas?”  Kind of hit me sideways because most of the scrubbing I’m doing is from him, his kids, his girlfriend, and her ratty little dog.  So…I told him to get off his butt and start washing windows and walls. 

DH is doing more car stuff today.  He had to go get some parts for his car and said he’ll probably be gone most of the day.  I don’t like being stuck here.  It’s not like I really have to go anywhere but I’m beginning to feel trapped just because I don’t have my car.  He needed it Friday, needed it Saturday, and needs it today. 

Enough of this…I have dirty carpets to clean.

9:30 pm – My windows are clean.  My walls are clean (at least most of them are clean).  The downstairs carpets are clean.  Every square inch of the bathroom is sparkling, half the kitchen is immaculate, and six loads of laundry are washed, dryed, folded, and put away.  I’m done.  I’ve hurt my arm again.  Damn!  Got that tennis elbow two or three months ago and I keep re-injuring it.  Got it all wrapped in an ace bandage and I’m hitting the bed.  I know it’s early but I’m shot.

G’night, girls!


rwitty says 7th December @ 14:01

i’m new to your blog but DH and his GIRLFRIEND?

men never appreciate the things that you do for them. they just assume that you would always have done it anyway.

delitaagain says 7th December @ 17:09

LOL, Pat! I just decided to take a break from cleaning after deciding the grands are now hiding from me lest I assign them another chore! =) Good for you for putting DS to work and sympathies (which get you nowhere) on the missing car; I sure do understand. Thanks for the encouragement one the *Just One Step* post. If can just keep remembering and practicing. Cleaning is a good thing, I’m thinking! Sure feels better when done. Delita

Susan aka Happy Hag says 7th December @ 21:44

When your bare feet glide across all your lovely clean floors tomorrow morning, you will get a smile of satisfaction ~ at least for a day or two, until they revert. That’s the problem with cleaning; there is never a definitive END.

Gotta tell you, I was just handed a jar of Reindeer Poop from a friend. OMG, it’s addictive. I could never be trusted to make a vat of that. It wins hands down over the fruit and veggies I have earnestly been trying to keep in the house!

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