2:30 – What have I done today? Got a haircut. That’s it. (well… and my brows and legs waxed) Word of advice, do not go out there today! It’s a madhouse! I’ve spent all day sitting in traffic.

I wanted to get a haircut yesterday afternoon but DH wanted to use my car. He bought one (finally) but it needs a few things so he confiscated my car after I got home yesterday. He’s doing some kind of brake thing on his car and has it jacked up with the tire off. So, I didn’t get my haircut yesterday. I was sweet. “No problem, Baby, I can get my hair cut tomorrow.”

First thing this morning, he says, “I know you want a haircut but I still need to use your car today. Do you think you can do it first thing?”

“Well,” I say, “I wanted to go to that school and you know I’m going to have to wait. Is that going to be a problem?”

“Nah…not a problem.”

So, I get showered and dressed and head out the door at 9:00. The school is about 8 miles or so and I get halfway there and come upon a terrible accident. Firetrucks are blocking the road, a car is completely upside down in the middle of the road, and two people are on the side of the road with a dozen rescue personnel working on them. Of course, there’s nowhere to go. We can’t go forward and the traffic behind me makes it impossible for me to back up or turn around so I’m forced to sit there watching this horrible tragedy unfold for almost 30 minutes before they clear an area where we can back up, turn around, and detour. So sad. I hope no one died but it was a terrible wreck.

Of course, once I finally got headed down the detour, it was gridlocked and it took me forever to cover the remaining four miles. I called DH and told him even though it had been more than an hour, I’d just gotten to the school and asked him if he was still okay with the time. He sounded a little iffy but said it would be fine so I went in and got a ticket. They told me the wait would be about an hour and a half so I started writing a poem to introduce the grinches at the Christmas party. After a few stanzas, I got bored and started looking at the services offered at the school. Hmmm…brow waxing $7.00, leg waxing $20.00, full body massage $45.00, rejuvenating back treatment, (half price special this month!) $15.00. I went up to the counter and asked the receptionist if I could make appointments for the leg waxing and she said they could go ahead and do it right then while I was waiting for a hair stylist to become available. Sounded good to me so I told them to go ahead. OMG! Talk about luxury. The leg waxing was gentle and thorough and accompanied by a good twenty minutes of leg and foot massage in a dim, relaxing room with soft music playing and aromatherapy. I finished up just in time for a haircut and blow dry and left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. The feeling didn’t last too long, however, because there must have been another wreck and traffic was gridlocked with the road closed at a different point than the previous accident. I was only about 3 miles from home so I figured it wouldn’t be too bad but it was. DH was calling and wanting to know what was going on and I told him I was sitting in traffic and I shouldn’t be much longer. 30 minutes later, he’s calling again and I’m still sitting in traffic that’s inching along and still a mile from the turnoff for home. I finally got here and he’s aggravated and frustrated and met me at the door with his hand out for the keys. Didn’t tell him about the leg waxing and massage. Even though it didn’t interfere at all with the time, I have a feeling he won’t see it that way.

Okay: Here’s what I’ve got so far. Gotta finish this thing up but I don’t feel like writing cutesy poetry at the moment.

Twas the eve of trimester
and all through the school
the staff were all working
like nobody’s fool.

They were grading and teaching
and making phone calls
typing and filing
and watching the halls.

Run ragged they were
but they worked with a grin
for they knew, before long,
Winter Break would begin.

They smiled as they worked
and showed not a care
unaware of the mischief
that lurked in the air.

The grinches, you see,
were lying in wait:
Bitter and nasty
and mean as a snake.

One grinch, then another,
three grinches, then four,
five grinches, six grinches,
more grinches and MORE!

Those grinches brought chaos
and snickers and sneers:
No IDs, no passes,
just backtalk and leers.

They ran down the halls
with hollers and rants
no belts, shirts a flappin
and big saggy pants.

The staff were all harried,
exhausted and stressed,
Then, in came Ms. Lete
to clean up the mess.

“You grinches,” she scolded,
“will not run this school
You think you’re so cute but
I’m nobody’s fool!

“Get into my office
Get in there, I say!
You’re going to stop this
Ms. Lete don’t play!”

The head grinch stepped forward
his head in a bow,
“We’re sorry, Ms. Lete,
We’ll end it right now!”

“We’re not really bad
just kids, don’t you see
We just want a party
with laughter and glee.”

“A party?” said Lete,
“What nonsense is this?
Perhaps for my staff
but not for you kids!”

“Language arts, math, and science:
That’s what we do here!
There will be no parties!
The rules are quite clear!”

“The grinches stood silent
their heads hanging down,
and with a deep sigh,
they all turned around.”

And there, on their shirts,
bold as could be,
Proficient! Distinguished!
Right there on their Tees!

And what happened then?
Well, the mustangs, they say
that Lete’s small heart
grew five sizes that day.

“Wait, grinches!” said Lete,
There might be a way…
We could all celebrate
at the END of the day!”

And the minute her heart didn’t feel quite so tight,
Lete whizzed through her work through the bright morning light
And she brought back the games, and the food for the feast!
And she…

Ms. Lete served the roast beast!

Okay…that’s where I stopped. I’m writing this to introduce the twelve of us who will be facilitating the party. Dishing up food, leading games and activities, and judging. I thought we’d jump up and put on our grinch hats as the sixth stanza is read. I want the principal (Ms. Lete) to scold, maybe threaten to call parents or whatever and force us to set up a holiday celebration as a penance for our foul deeds. Feel free to edit and add. As for me, I’m going to do laundry.

Oh, Wow! I just called the school to check out what was included with the rejuvenating back treatment that’s half price this month. Figured if it included a massage (which it does) that I might get one for DH. Found out that they sell gift cards for Christmas and you get 50% off anything that’s done using a gift card. So, essentially, a $50.00 gift card can be used for $100.00 worth of services. Cool! I’ve been really happy with this place and they offer facials, clinical treatments, chemical resurfacing, all kinds of massages, endermologie (whatever that is) paraffin treatments, pedicures, manicures, eye treatments, makeup application and lessons, hair cuts, perms, coloring, etc. What a great Christmas gift!

5:00 pm – Crap! DH is out there working on his car in the freezing cold (27 degrees) and snow and I know he’s miserable. I’m doing laundry and the sink, toilet, and tub just started gurgling and backing up with icky gray water. Sh*t! I’d better plan something really good for dinner. Poor baby! He is not going to be happy.

7:40 – Been running in here in between jobs and jotting down a line or two in the poem when I think of something.  Done!


angela says 6th December @ 16:26

Glad you enjoyed getting your hair done and getting your legs waxed..I’ve never had ANYTHING waxed! lol…Yup men always see things differently than how they really happened..lol! Good luck!

susan says 6th December @ 18:20

Re: 5pm post.
Just slip those newly waxed gams up against him tonight… all will be good again.

Joy says 6th December @ 19:57

LOVE love love what you have so far! You are so gifted with poems!
You and DH had one heck of a day. I hope the rest is nice and calm and relaxing for the both of you.
Thanks for calming me down in my hissy fit about my wieght gain. 🙂
Take care

Joy says 6th December @ 19:57

sp weight gain

susan says 6th December @ 22:31


You’ll go down in His-TOR-rrry!!!

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