19 degrees

That’s way too cold for this time of year. We’ve had a lot of cold weather for the last two or three weeks. More than usual. The chilly weather makes it difficult to roll out of bed in the mornings. At least today is Friday and that makes it a little bit easier to swallow. I’d soak in the spa but my skin is already dry and itchy and the chlorine is pretty high right now so I’d better stay in.

I was so tired last night I collapsed in bed with big old earrings on and woke up with impressions of beads on the side of my face. Can’t believe I fell asleep with those things on. Guess I’d better get ready for work. My feet are whining, “Can we wear tennies, today? Huh? Please?” I think that’s a good idea.

Just noted on the updated blogs that we have “Downloading Porn with Davo” and “Animal Porn for Free”. Get a grip! We’re trying to lose weight here, okay???? Take the porn to My Space or Tagged and leave us alone.

6:40 am – Uh Oh…I’m picturing this short, round robot with flashing red lights saying, “Warning, Will Robinson! Warning! Your jeans are too tight! Muffin top! Muffin top! Warning! Warning!”

4:30 – Just got home and ripped off those jeans. Ahhhh…sooo much better. Felt like I needed to warn everyone to stand to the side today in case a button came flying off my waistband and shot across the room. Don’t want to put anybody’s eye out.

Spent most of the day working on the staff holiday party. I made arrangements for a karaoke machine, (courtesy of one of our teachers) and got a committment from some of the more rowdy staff members to do their thing with “Santa, Baby”, “Barking dogs”, and the good old “Grandpa got run over by a Reindeer.” Bought a Santa suit (only $40.00, I couldn’t rent one for that!) and lined up the perfect person to play Santa. Phyllisann made up letters with “wish lists” where staff can choose a wish and Santa will grant it as long as they’re willing to grant a wish for someone else. Typical choices are a weekly hug, a bimonthly lunch, up to 150 copies made each week, a weekly mail pickup, etc. I thought of a game that I’ll call “Christmas Speed Wrap” where I’m going to let four teams with four members each do a gift wrapping race. They have to wrap with one arm behind their backs and work together to wrap a box full of presents. In the boxes, I’m putting a basketball, a bat, and an item with lots of sharp corners. Rules are that they have to completely cover the items, they can only have 18 inches of tape and one pair of scissors, they have to attach a gift tag with their names on it, and they have to use ribbon and make a bow. We’ll have 12 “grinches” complete with grinch hats who will facilitate the karaoke, assist Santa, and judge the speed wrap. Prizes will be Reindeer Poop, recipe above, and the poinsettia centerpieces. Guess that will teach the new principal to ask me to assist with an “elegant party with finger foods and beautiful decorations.” Guess she don’t know me, does she? Just cause I try to dress nice everyday doesn’t mean I have any class. If I had the clothes, I’d tease my hair, put on some fake eyelashes and lots of glittery green eyeshadow, stuff my bra and slip on a pair of tight black pants with red stillettos and be Santa’s “helper”. Actually, I might look around this weekend and see if that’s doable. There are a lot of other females who would probably be better at it, but they’re probably not as nervy as I am and I can’t think of anyone to ask. I’m awfully short and round to try to pull it off but that might actually be better if you’re going for laughs.

Enough…I’m tired and my brain is fried. Let me get the Reindeer Poop recipe written.


Joy says 5th December @ 7:57

I know I saw those blasted pron things as well. Why do they even bother when there are other places for them to be???? I know it has been sooooooooo BRRRRRR cold here in Ohio as well. It is only December how many months till spring?????? sigh
Well I am miss cheerful today. Sorry
You have a great day! 🙂

shallweshrink says 5th December @ 10:54

Oh my gracious, you have me laughing so hard! You are the cutest thing ever! Have a great Friday 🙂

eryn76 says 5th December @ 10:59

Hope you get some rest this weekend!

eryn76 says 5th December @ 10:59

Oh, and I’m super jealous about your cruise.

shallweshrink says 5th December @ 20:18

I want to go to your party SO badly!!! Love it!

susan says 5th December @ 20:36

Patty writes: “I needed to warn everyone to stand to the side today in case a button came flying off my waistband and shot across the room. Don’t want to put anybody’s eye out.”

Now this very thing happened to a girlfriend of mine. No eyes were put out, but there was a loud PING! when the button projectile hit the opposite wall. This was back in the early 80s when jeans were painted on, with much flopping on the bed to get ’em buttoned.

Love your party ideas! Wish I could come. I think I’ll use your wrapping game as a non-verbal problem for my Odyssey of the Mind teams. Thanks!

You can also do (doo?) Snowman Poop–marshmallows.

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