Cold feet

Literally and figuratively. My feet are icy. I suppose I could go get a pair of socks or houseshoes but I like bare feet. I feel a long, cold winter coming on…

Cold feet in the weight department, too. I’ve been off track for quite a while now. Brandie brought it home to me in her comment yesterday. I’ve been drifting (drowning?) for a while. One of the first signs is when I stop recording weight and stop recording food. That stops today. Granted, I’m heading for the danger zone with so much stuff going on but I’m going to write it down. The good, the bad, and the ugly. It truly was with a sense of foreboding that I stepped on the scales this morning. I even thought about trying to be really good for a few days and then weighing myself in a week or so. Yeah, get real! It’s Thanksgiving week, Shortcake. It ain’t gonna get any better.

So I did. Took that giant leap of commitment and stepped on the scales. 167.5. There. Is that so scary? Face up to it. It’s a warning. A nudge in the psyche. Get back on track, Sistah Pat. Come on back home.

I’m not going to promise myself a perfect week. That would be foolish. I am, however, going to get back to some serious exercise and recording my food and weight. I keep telling myself it’s a lifestyle. It’s the way I live my life now. Yes, there’s all kinds of stuff coming up. Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas goodies, the cruise, those things are all out there and I’m going to indulge and enjoy them. Life is about celebration and I have a lot of celebrating coming up. To deny that would mean that it really isn’t a lifestyle but a burden. It would make this whole odyssey nothing but another diet. The trick is going to be to recognize that there are days before, during, and after the celebrating that should be normal. Days when I work out, eat healthy, and let my body recover from the indulgences.

I’ve been drifting. “Tis the season” and all that bologna. If I think that way, I’ll just drift for the next two months. Thank goodness for this blog and you guys. It makes it impossible for me to drift away into the horizon because all my little chickie friends are keeping tabs on me and I can’t just walk away because I love seeing what’s going on in your lives and chatting with everyone. I’m not walking away.

So…I feel soooo much better today. Still a little sore throat hangin around and a bit of lethargy but not enough to keep me down. I’m going to do a long hard workout today and enjoy every minute of it. I’ve already weighed myself for the first time in a couple weeks and I’m recording everything I eat today. I’ve got all day today, tomorrow, and most of Tuesday to prepare for Thanksgiving. If I do what I should do beforehand, I don’t need to be afraid of celebrating and I don’t need to see it as an excuse to drift into bad habits.

Later, chickies…My treadmill is lonely…

10:00 – Guess my treadmill is going to have to stay lonely. It just doesn’t get it anymore. I do high intensity step aerobics and my heart rate goes up to 85% but then I get on the treadmill and it drops down to 65%. Everytime I hopped on, I felt like I’d stopped working out. Anyway, I let it run, just so it wouldn’t feel neglected. Had some trouble getting going. My ankle really bothered me. It was stiff and painful and didn’t loosen up until I’d been at it for about 20 minutes. My right arm hurts. It feels like I pulled a muscle or something. It’s been bothering me for a couple days. I carried a ton of groceries in the house Friday and I think I overdid it. Funny thing about those plastic bags. You can loop a dozen of them on your hand and then when you lift, it weighs a ton but it’s too much trouble to untangle all the loops and put something down. Anyway…I burned 500 calories and worked out for an hour. Felt pretty good after I got through the first 20 minutes but I had to baby that arm and should probably continue to baby it for a day or two.

Now…let’s avoid that whole dinner rut and actually plan a meal so I won’t wind up a victim of DH’s kitchen disasters today.

1:30 – Pretty much have things under control. Went to Kroger. What a nightmare! Why didn’t all those people buy stuff for Thanksgiving dinner last week? I was lucky to get out alive. Anyway, I bought the stuff for kt’s Mexican chicken dish and it’s crocking on the counter. Ate my oatmeal for breakfast, ate a healthy but high calorie (for me) sandwich for lunch and now I’m ready for another 15 minute workout to get that heart rate back up there. I was shocked to find that my nice heart healthy sandwich has 400 calories. Gonna try to get rid of some of that.

2:00 – Did 15 minutes and burned 130 calories. That brings that sandwich down in the ballpark. Shaves it down from 400 to 270. Much better! Plus, I’ll continue to burn more calories for the next hour or so.


brseay says 23rd November @ 9:43

You are stronger than you realize…you can do this.

firefly says 23rd November @ 14:03

You’ve definitely got the right idea about taking control now rather than waiting til after all the holiday damage has been done. Even if it’s just acknowledging what you’re eating. That’s so much better than sticking your head in the sand and living in oblivion. I did that for too many years. UGH.

And thanks for the comment/tip about the heart rate monitor. That’s what I’m going to ask for Christmas! Even if Santa has to give it to me “himself”!

Joy says 23rd November @ 14:14

I am so glad that you are feeling a tad better Patty. Good for you getting yourself back on track. Yes you are right the holidays are coming and it is about living life and not punishing yourself. You are going to have a great Thanksgiving with your family, a wonderful cruise which you soooo deserve and a Merry Christmas!
Maybe trade your treadmill in for another machine?? Perhaps an Elli or treadclimber? We have those stores around us where you can trade in your equip. for theirs or for money off one of theirs. It is how I got my Eiil.
You take care
PS Florida is almost here. Better that you caught the cold when you did so your better for the trip, right???

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