That’s my goal. Not perfect, just great! I have a lot going on today. All day TRT meeting which means we’ll be going out to lunch and then Mama Mia and dinner with the Sistahs tonight. I’m going to eat halfway decent and try to just go with the flow. I’m tired of swimming against the current.

To get this day off on the right foot, I’m heading for the shower and then a quick 15 minute session of step aerobics.

6:40 – 20 minutes of aerobics and 160 calories have been booted out!  Off to a good start.  I’m going to really work on breaking that winter routine the next few days.  Gotta stop coming home, hitting the couch, and watching TV.  Today will be easy because I’ve got plans this evening.  The hard part will be eating sensibly when I’m eating out twice today.  Now I’m off to get dressed and go to the meetin!

5:00 – I’m blogging.  So that means I’m not sitting on my butt in front of the TV eating.  Not meeting the Sistahs till 6:30 when we’re getting together for dinner and then Mama Mia at 7:30.  I want to talk about losing weight and supporting each other but I don’t think I’d better bring it up.  Things are a little iffy right now.  I’m not sure why.  Look, here we are last May:

There’s Lisa on the left.  I’m not 100% sure that Lisa was ever really a Sistah.  She didn’t really seem commited.  Kind of hung out with us for a little bit and then she and Pam has some disagreements and Lisa started making excuses about showing up or just not showing up at all.  I think she was looking for an easy way out.  I’m not sure what’s going on with her.  Then, there’s Pam, hiding behind me (and there’s lots of room to hide.  I make a pretty large block.)  Pam’s dealing with some issues right now and I think dieting and exercising is not at the top of her priority list.  She’s headed for gall bladder surgery next month and dealing with a lot of stress in her job and personal life right now.  Jana’s on the right.  Jana is a flighty bird.  Always juggling a million different things and managing to appear confident and full of joy.  Jana just giggles about the dieting and exercising and chastises herself so we don’t have to do it for her.  Me?  I’m not sure where I am.  I may be the only one who really needs the Butt Sistahs.  I miss meeting at the gym and the monthly dinners to compare notes.  It really helped me focus.  I hope we can salvage something.  Of course, we’ll still be good friends.  I love Jana and Pam dearly but I wish we were supporting each other in the eating/exercising/getting in shape routine.  Maybe I should try to form another group but it would be hard to replace these girls.  They’re the cream of the crop and I don’t think I’d feel the same with anyone else.  These guys know me well enough that I can be myself around them.  Of course, I’m paying the gym every month but I finally stopped going because the only reason I joined was to work out with them.  Like I said, I guess we need to decide if we’re still interested in dieting and exercising but I’m not sure tonight is the best time to bring it up.  Tonight is more about rekindling the relationships and easing some tension that’s developed between us.

Think I’ll spend a few minutes checking up with some of you chickies.  I will NOT go into the living room and watch TV.


round says 20th November @ 7:53

I think setting our goals for less than perfect is a very smart move.

i really am impressed by the 15 min exercise – what a great solution to the ‘I dont have time’ excuse

shallweshrink says 20th November @ 11:10

Yay for girls night! Have fun!!

Joy says 20th November @ 19:25

I hope that you have a good time tonight . Take care

brseay says 20th November @ 20:14

Good for you for realizing that there are times to loosen the stranglehold on perfect eating. And as I’m sure you know from experience, if you’re not ready to diet/exercise someone telling you to isn’t going to work. So for tonight just work on the relationships and you guys can decide on the future of the Butt Sistahs at another time. For now you can be a source of inspiration to them just like you are to us.

susan says 20th November @ 20:29

Have fun with the Sistahs! “Mamma Mia” is the perfect chic flick. Especially at our age, when we understand the 60s-70s fashion parodies.

Maybe some are embarrassed or uncomfortable with their dieting attempts. Seeing you kickin’ ass and takin’ names in the dieting department might have some of them feeling inadequate and maybe just a teensy bit jealous.

Maybe they can just be Sistahs instead of Butt Sistahs ~ there for the sisterhood more than the dieting support. It might be less frustrating for you; no more prodding to meet at the gym, etc…

Meanwhile, you, my dear Patty, are turning into the Buttless Sistah.


shallweshrink says 20th November @ 22:30

I’m off to Oklahoma to see my family for Thanksgiving 🙂 I’ll get to hang out with my Butt Sistahs (with no official name, though maybe we should make one… though they are a size 0 and a size 3… boo!).

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