Back at it

Another Monday and I think I’m ready for it. I’m headed for the shower and then my quick 15 minute workout!

6:20 – Feeling soooo much better. I’m not going to weigh myself for a couple of days because I think I’d get depressed but I really needed this break from dieting and exercise. It felt great to do a quick 15 minutes this morning. The heart rate is up and I feel refreshed. I burned 121 calories in the last 15 minutes and now I can feel good about getting things up and going, slap on some makeup, some new clothes, a pair of Barbie shoes, and knock em dead!

4:00 p.m. – Crap!  I forgot I had to work with kids all day long today without sitting down because I’d be walking around helping them work online.  Those Barbie’s just about killed me!  Bright red slings with cut out toes and a 3″ heel.  A three inch heels rises exponentially with the time spent standing on them.  One cutesy little girl said, “I love your shoes!” and four or five people said I looked good today so I guess it was worth it.  Wasn’t it?

I worked from the time I walked in the door until 3:30 when I left and I don’t think I got to sit down more than ten minutes all day.  I didn’t even get a working lunch today.  Tomorrow should be easier.

Now I’m going to take a few minutes to see what you guys have been up to!


Joy says 17th November @ 7:50

Good for you! I hope that you have a wonderful day at school and if it gets tough just keep thinking how close it is to FLORIDA time! Take care

round says 17th November @ 12:24

Sounds like the shopping was fun & successful, and you’re right back at it.

I’m so impressed with how professionally you manage your problem student – sure does sound like he’s from a tough environment.

Hope the pizza was delicious — looks like it didnt throw you off track at all!

soclose says 17th November @ 12:33

Wonderful shopping trip and you deserved every minute of it!!!!! To he*l with the clothes critics!
What do I hear.????…Patti,Patti, oh P.a..t..t.i……….hmmmmm, must be FLORIDA calling!

brseay says 17th November @ 21:33

Compliments on fashion from a teenager??? Savor the moment, they don’t come very often.

Hope tomorrow is more relaxing for you.

grabthebull says 17th November @ 21:36

lime green coat, eh? that’s like my fave color. can i borrow it? you can borrow my boots to wear to your cruise with your haltar and daisy dukes. that would be totally hot.

good for you starting Monday with your 15-minute workout. i never started about maximizing your heart rate/calorie burn until i read your posts. that’s brilliant.

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