Still feeling down today but really appreciate all the wonderful, supportive comments! Actually, it might be because I’m sick to my stomach that I’m feeling so icky this morning. I ate pancakes for dinner. With lots of butter and syrup. I feel a little green this morning.

I’ve had to be down in the cafeteria at school all week because I’m showing a collection of PowerPoint projects my students did for their finals. I told them they would be shown down in the cafeteria during all the lunches (such a large school, we have back to back lunches from 10:10 to 1:00) but I didn’t stop to think that I would have to sit down there to safeguard the laptops and projectors. Anyway…yesterday was our cafeteria’s version of Thanksgiving dinner and several of the teachers talked me into joining them. Sure hope the kiddo’s don’t think that’s a real Thanksgiving dinner. Pretty bad stuff.

After lunch, I met with my students and one of my new kids was feeling pretty bad. He asked to use the phone to call home and I gave him a note to go to the office. Not something I like to do but you could see that the kid was sick so I let him go. He came back and said someone was supposed to come and pick him up. I let him sit at a table by himself with his head down. About 15 minutes later, he jumps up, throws a stack of books across the room, emits a string of profanities that would make your ears bleed and says he’s leaving. I could tell he didn’t need for me to mess with him so, even though I asked him to sit back down, I didn’t go ballistic when he walked out and slammed the door. I called the office and they said they’d get him. Later, I went to turn in a referral and the AP said the kid has a horrible life and there’s a reason he acts the way he does. I didn’t have time for the details but did find out that he’s labeled BD (behavior disorder) and this is the first time they’ve put him in regular classes. Just my luck (sigh).  I asked the AP what I should do and he said, “You really just need to love him, Pat.  That’s one reason I put him in your class.  He really needs some love.”  Crap!  Today, I’ll have to follow up and see how I need to deal with him if I’m going to be seeing him every day for the next 12 weeks.

I had a doctor’s appointment at 4:00 and didn’t get home until 6:00 and then had to take Steven to CAP so I rushed in and then ran back out. To make a long story short…by the time I got a chance to grab something for dinner, I was in a stinky mood and I couldn’t find anything healthy but there was a big box of pancakes staring at me so I had them for dinner. WTF??? If I didn’t know better, I’d think I was PMSing.

Quite a bit of drama and demands in my life right now with some things going on at work and with friends. I just feel tired. DH sees it. He keeps asking what’s wrong and all I can tell him is that I’m tired of dealing with stuff. He’s got a lot going on right now, too. Someone hit him and totalled his car a couple of weeks ago. We try to always buy good stuff and then use it till it’s dead. His car was a very nice black Lincoln and he took great care of it. It was paid off and we were hoping to use it for a few more years. Of course, the insurance companies don’t give you anything for a ten year old car no matter how great it looks or runs so they gave him $3,500. to buy a new car. He really doesn’t want to buy a new car and take on a bunch of payments so he’s been shopping for something and not finding what he wants at a price he wants to pay.  So, I haven’t gotten to spend much time with him this week.  He’s out looking at cars every chance he gets.

Oh, lookit! It’s time for my shower. Gotta run. Don’t think I’m going to weigh myself this morning. I’m already depressed.


susan says 14th November @ 7:44

It would have been nice to have a heads up on your student before you had him in your class, huh? The bright spot is: you are recognized for your loving spirit by your peers.

Sorry you are feeling so overwhelmed, Patty. The weekend is just hours away ~ maybe you can hit the sack early after a nice spa soak tonight.


Joy says 14th November @ 7:49

You have been having a really rough go of it. I am sorry that this time period os so hard on you. You have been working the job of three people if I recall things right. They laid off two and you picked up that slack of their jobs? As far as the boy in class is concerned dont put too much pressure on yourself. You can NOT fix him. Only HE can fix himself. Just try to be patient . My 16 year old is a LOT like that (ever since we adopted him at 12). be patient, be kind, but draw your line. he is still accountable for his actions no matter what his past is. You are one of the best teachers in this whole country as far as I am concerned. I wish my son would have you for his teacher.
Man I am sorry to hear about DH being in an accident. I am glad that he is okay.
You take care of yourself. I hate seeing you so down in the dumps. I am glad that you have your cruise comine up. You sooooo DESERVE the break!
Take care

Joy says 14th November @ 7:50

Susan is right Saturday is just a breath away!

soclose says 14th November @ 8:22

OK, deep breath—8 hrs. till the week-end.

Hmmmm….I agree with everyone on the kid. You can’t fix him; you are there to TEACH him, NOT love him (and shame, shame on that AP for playing the emotion card!!!)…….and a heads up to you on a student with the potential for violence should be MANDATORY. The lack of a warning to you could have had dire results for not only you but any of the other students in your room. What if he had hit another student with one of the thrown books? Why should they be exposed to his language? Why was he sent by the school nurse back to your classroom in the first place?
Set your limits and keep them with him…..I’m sure you have too big a class to try to add “curing” a student with dysfunctional “emotional needs” with “love” to your teaching load. Reason for his behavior????………or the EXCUSE for it? Hope that little incident got him suspended (or at least moved back into an appropriate class); but that’s probably WAY too much to hoipe for.

Good luck to your dh in the car search! Maybe you two can put in some quality time this week-end.

brseay says 14th November @ 19:43

While I agree with the others that you should have been properly prepared for this student, maybe you can look at the fact that he was placed in your room as a compliment to you. Some people just have a gift for reaching troubled students and it sounds like the AP places you in that category.

Although this may not be the popular opinion, I agree with the AP that some kids do need “love” from their teachers. My heart breaks sometimes when I learn about some of the things my kids have to deal with outside of school and if I have a kid, for example, who acts out b/c he was removed from his parents’ home and was separated from his siblings, I’m smart enough to know that learning French vocabulary isn’t at the top of his priorities at the moment. But, loving the kids doesn’t mean that they can wreak havoc in your room; firm, fair limits are often what they need. You can do this. You are a fantastic wife, mother, grandmother, teacher, friend, etc. and highly intelligent. It’s not going to be easy but you have proven that you can accomplish great things 🙂

brseay says 14th November @ 19:46

One other thing. I took a class this summer and we watched a video where people on the street were interviewed about who their favorite teacher was and why. Most people mentioned things that I’m sure their teachers wouldn’t remember which hammers home the point that we are such a huge influence on the lives of kids. Our smallest actions can make huge impacts on their lives, both positive and negative. Kind of scary yet quite empowering.

Joy says 15th November @ 7:52

Hello Patty,
How did your Friday go? I hope that you are RELAXING and having a great weekend so far!

round says 15th November @ 8:53

Hi Patty, sounds like a lot of stress in your life and some frustration with your weight, but that you are doing well overall. You sound like such a professional and balanced teacher, full of compassion but also knowing your limits…(kind of like your support on here!)

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