Wow! It’s cold in here! Forty degrees outside and it doesn’t feel much warmer in here. Aiming for another perfect day. Scales show 165.5. Awww, come on!

I got up early enough to do a quick workout but I’m sitting here in my warm, fuzzy robe thinking, “You gotta be kidding.” I did put on my heart monitor, however. It shows that I’m burning 1.7 calories a minute. At least that’s better than yesterday. I’m going to get my shower and get ready for work and then I might try to do a quick walk around the block or something.

Forty minutes ago, I did a quick 12 minute workout. Not enough to get sweaty but enough to get things going. Now I’m burning 5.8 calories per minute. Wonder how long it’ll stay up there?

5:20 -Holy Heart Monitor, Batman!

My heart rate stayed up for about an hour and then I got slammed.  Didn’t have time to do much of anything.  Just sat at my desk dealing with paperwork and computer issues.  My students are presenting PowerPoint projects and I sat there during class, watching and grading.  By the time I got a chance to move, my heart rate was slow again and it continued to slow down all afternoon.  After 8 hours, I was down to .6 calories per minute.  Pretty pathetic.  Wish I wasn’t so chained to my desk at work.

Came home and did 30 minutes of aerobics and then week 2 of c25k.  Now it shows that I burned 495 calories in the last hour and 15 minutes so I’m back up to 6.5 calories per minute.  This would work pretty well if I could just take my treadmill or step to work and prop broken computers on the control panel so I could work on them while I jog.

I know I did week 2 of c25k last week but there was a four day gap and I don’t feel ready for week 3 so I’m going to do week 2 again.

I did notice that I ate a lot more at lunch today than I usually do.  Maybe all the extra exercise is going to be defeated by the urge to eat more.  Guess we’ll see.


Joy says 27th October @ 6:54

Thanks Patty, I am really hoping to have a great visit with my aunt. Brrr it is cold here as well. We might even get snow! Those cookies you posted about sound really good.
Good for you getting a workout in. You have a wonderful day and a PERFECT day!

shallweshrink says 27th October @ 10:44

Wow, good idea! I am going to try and go for the same thing… at least twice a day. Here’s to a perfect day with you… Lord knows I need one (or 12!). 😉

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